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How to, for some typical/requested items in the new VLSC interface

As I mentioned in my Changes coming to Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) August 15th post this morning, the new VLSC interface which is launching on August 15th brings with it a new user experience designed to improve your interaction with the site. Because the new interface provides you with some new functionality and changes the steps to access some of the other functionality, I thought I would post a “How to” here on my blog as sort of a “cheat sheet” showing you “How to” for some of the typical and/or requested activities on the new VLSC site.

Pending Notifications

In the new VLSC interface, the “Pending Notifications” section on the VLSC main page has been moved from the middle of the page to the upper-right hand side, which you can see in the picture to the right. image

Accessing the Relationship Summary

From the VLSC main page, click on the “Licenses” menu item shown in the light blue menu bar spanning across the screen, just under the VLSC Header. When the drop-down menu is displayed, click on the “Relationship Summary” link. image
Upon clicking the “Relationship Summary” link, you will be taken to the Relationship Summary page. image

Accessing Product Keys by Agreement (Licensing ID)

First, navigate to the Relationship Summary page by following the steps above. Once on the Relationship Summary page, click on the Licensing ID for which you want to access the products keys for. image
You will be taken to the License Details page where you will see the details of the Licensing ID you selected. Click on the Product Keys tab (just above the dark blue column headings bar). image
Product Keys for the selected Licensing ID are shown. image

Accessing Product Keys by Organization

First, clicks on Downloads and Keys menu item on the VLSC Home page. image
This will take you to the Product list page, where you will click on the “Export all keys:” CSV link to download keys information to your computer. image

Opens the downloaded CSV keys information file in Microsoft Excel and sort by Organization to get to the Product keys for an Organization name.


Find Products by Release Dates

Click on the “Downloads and Keys” link on the VLSC Home page. image
Click on either the Product name or the Description link for the Product to view the Release Date. image

Using Product Filters as Search

From the “Downloads and Keys” page (see steps above to get here), Enter text into the Product filter text field and the top 10 product matches are displayed in the drop down. image
NOTE: Keying text in the Product filter text field is not a search. VLSC filters for the exact text entered; e.g. “Office Pro” will find Office Professional 2007, but “Office 2007” will not find the product. image

I hope the short“cheat sheet” above helps you to quickly see how you can accomplish these activities in the new VLSC interface coming in the August 15th update. As a reminder, we are conducting a webcast on August 11th called “What’s New with the VLSC” that you are all welcome to join us for. In addition, we have a couple of videos posted online that walk you through several pieces of the new VLSC user experience so you can get an even better feel for it before and after its launch. I have all of the links to these and the webcast registration in my Changes coming to Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) August 15th post from this morning, so I hope you will take a few moments to read that post if you have not already.

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