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Microsoft Partner Info V. 2.0 is here with WPC app integration and more!

Here is some exciting news for all of the partners out there. Today the new version 2.0 of the Microsoft Partner Information mobile app released into the Windows Phone Marketplace and it brings with it a bunch of new enhancements, many based off your direct input and feedback, as well as some features to enhance your Worldwide Partner Conference experience even more.

Let’s start with the interface itself and the enhancements made there. As you know, the V 1.X series of the Microsoft Partner Info app provided access to a variety of partner resources, organized by groups, but in one scrolling list. Well, in the V 2.0 release, the interface has been redone to take advantage of the panorama view to allow left to right sliding of the windows, in addition to having the resources broken up into specific pages within the app, all easily accessible through one click icons on the main screen. Take a look at the screen capture below to see what I am talking about:

As you can see, right on the main screen of the new version 2.0 of the app, there is a new “What’s New” section and easy navigation buttons that take you directly to specific groups of content, including:

  • Info from the Product teams
  • Specific partner information by Country
  • Info from the People and teams at Microsoft headquarters
  • A new Partner Talk section
  • A new Events section
  • One click access to the WPC11 event app
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In the “What’s New” section, you will receive the latest information directly from the “News” section of the Microsoft Partner Network Community site directly into the app. With a single click, you can navigate directly to the news item and view it right from your phone. Then with a quick click of the “back” button on your phone, you’re right back at the menu screen of the Microsoft Partner Info app.
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When you click on the “Products” button from the main page, or just swipe your finger from right to left across your phone screen from the main menu, you will find yourself in the Products section of the Microsoft Partner Info app, with the product team feeds lined up for you in alphabetical order for easy location.
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When you click on the “Countries” button from the main screen, or when you swipe your finger from right to left across your phone screen once from the Products page or twice from the main menu page, you will find yourself in the Countries section of the app, which brings you information from the partner teams of the various countries
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Clicking on the “People” button from the main menu screen (or another swipe of your finger across the screen), brings you right to the “People” section, which is filled with information from people and teams here at our Redmond headquarters, including: Jon Roskill, the MSPartner Blog, me, the MS Partner Team, the WPC 11 Teams, Partner training, security updates, Microsoft News, and much, much, more. Oh, and if you’re wondering what the “Special Feed” is at the bottom… I’ll be filling you in on that surprise a little later. Here’s a hint: Contests, prizes, fun.
Version 2.0 of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app brings with it some new sections, including the “Partner Talk” section. You may recall when the MSPartner Talk link was added in the V 1.3 version of the app, which allowed you to see what others were saying about the MSPartner topics. Well, based on great response, there’s a whole section now dedicated to partner talk on various topics, including: MSPartner, WPC11, MPN Live, Exchange Partner, and MVPs. One click on any of the links and you have instant access to the latest posts regarding any of these topics (which you can then retweet, reply to, favorite, follow, etc. right from there if you have a Twitter account) V2PartnerTalk
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Another new addition to the Microsoft Partner Info app in Version 2.0 is the Events section. Want to know that the teams here at Microsoft and others have to say about the different Microsoft events? Well, you will find it here. The WPC 11 feed here is the information directly from the WPC Teams, since there is a specific WPC11 section in the Partner Talk section already that includes all up conversations about WPC11. For the other feeds, they include updates from the teams as well as from others talking about those events. Now, some of them are empty right now since those events are out of season, but watch them fill up as those events approach! V2Events
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Also included in the Microsoft Partner Info app in Version 2.0 is the Worldwide Partner Conference 2011 app that gives you direct access to information about WPC11, including: sessions, exhibitors, maps of the conference, event news, your favorites, WPC contest, session evaluations, social media feeds, registration info, events calendar, shuttle services, wireless access info, LA attractions, WPC promotions & discounts, contact information, and more.  V2WPC11
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In addition to the new information sources, new design layout, and integration of the WPC 11 app into the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app V 2.0, another few updates you will notice is based on some additional feedback I received from users of the current version today. I have received notes from users saying that when they navigate to some of the information and links in the current version, they are unable to access the information there because it requires a login to the Microsoft Partner Portal, the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Portal, etc. and either they were not aware of the option to use “Open in IE” inside the app as it exists today, or preferred to just have access to it directly. As such, you will notice that now the links in the app will render in an actual IE window vs. and embedded IE window, which will allow for direct login and access to all sites right from there. In addition, some feedback I have received from current users regarding the Twitter feeds in the app is that they would like to have direct access to a Twitter interface to allow single click ability to reply, re-tweet, follow, favorite, etc. the various tweets and tweeters that they access from within the app. As such, you will find this now included in the Version 2.0 app. In fact, the other night a few partners caught the tweets I was sending back and forth with another Microsoftie that I’ve been working with on the V 2.0 of the app from the Version 2.0 of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app that I have been running on my phone this week.

Now here are a few quick notes on getting version 2.0 of the Microsoft Partner Information mobile app on your phone:

  • If you don’t have the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app installed on your Windows Phone yet, simply click the “Marketplace” button on your Windows Phone and do a search for, “Microsoft Partner Info” in the Marketplace. You can install it directly from there.
  • If you have the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app installed on your Windows Phone already, you have two options:
    1. You should be receiving the update notification for the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app from Marketplace soon, so be sure to click the update notification when you get it and install the update.
    2. If you don’t want to wait for the update to be pushed to you because you want the new version 2.0 now, simply click on the arrow to access your app list on your Windows Phone, scroll down to the Microsoft Partner Info app icon, press and hold it down until the pop up menu appears, then click “Uninstall” to uninstall the current version you have on your phone. (See pictures below) Once it is uninstalled, simply follow the steps above for those who don’t have it installed yet to get the new version from Marketplace right now.
(Click images for full size)
  • On your PC, you can add it to your Zune Marketplace for download to your Windows Phone by clicking here
  • If you have an Android device, I will be releasing the version 2.0 build for Android in the near future, which will add several of the new information streams into the Android version (like the Events and Partner Talk streams) very soon; however, it will still be in the scrolling list layout that the V 1.3 release had since the version 2.0 interface above is specific to Windows Phone at this time since it is based off the Windows Phone design functionality. In addition, the WPC 11 app will not be integrated into the Android version.
    • Current users of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app on Android will receive an update notification once the version 2.0 is posted for Android.
    • Those with Android devices today that don’t have the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app installed, you can download the V 1.3 of it here right now, then you will be able to take advantage of all that the current version has to offer and you too will receive a notification once the V 2.0 is available for your Android device.
  • If you have an iPhone, well, Apple says that if you want the Microsoft Partner Info app, you should just get a Windows Phone. Seriously, take a look.

As always, please keep your input and feedback coming on the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app. You can continue to send it to me in numerous ways:

  • Send it to me through any of my social media locations
  • At WPC
  • Include it in your comments of your online rating of the app itself. The easiest ways to do this on Windows Phone are:
    • In V 1.3 of the app, follow the same steps above to uninstall the app; however, instead of clicking “Uninstall,” click on the “Rate & Review” link
    • From inside the V 2.0 of the app, click the “?” mark on the main menu page and then click the “Feedback” button directly under the “Rate and Review this app” text


I’d love to hear your input and feedback, because I already have several modifications, updates, additions, and more that I want to bring to the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app this year and I’d like to be sure to incorporate your input and thoughts on it into those. After all, the whole goal of the app is to help you get access to information and resources in an easier manner from a single location, right on your phone, wherever you are to make your experience with Microsoft even better.

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