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How to get the latest Microsoft Office 365 information wherever you are

We are just over 30 minutes away from the Microsoft Office 365 announcement that we have been telling you about. Now what if you are not able to join us for the live webcast? Or what if you want to make sure you have the most up to date information on Office 365, not only today but also moving forward? Well, that’s easy:

For those of you with the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app, it’s right there in your hand! For instance:


You can see the absolute latest information being shared by the Microsoft Office 365 Team as they announce it right in the Office 365 section of the app. Also, see the latest press releases and news announcements as they are made from Microsoft in the Microsoft News section.

Some other areas I would always suggest keeping an eye on are:

  • See what Jon Roskill has to say about the Office 365 announcement in the Jon Roskill section
  • Follow what the @MSPartner team has to say on Twitter in the @MSPartner section
  • I’ll have information in the MS Partner Blog and on my @EricLigman Twitter account sections
  • See what your peers are saying in the MSPartner Talk section
  • Follow information from your local country partner teams in their sections
  • Well, and all of the other sections as well…   Smile

Don’t have the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app yet? No worries, here’s how and where to get it:

  • On your Windows Phone, go to Marketplace, click search, type in “Microsoft Partner Info”
  • On your PC, you can add it to your Zune Marketplace for download to your phone by clicking here
  • If you own an Android phone, you can install it from the Android Marketplace by clicking here
  • If you own an iPhone and want the Microsoft Partner Info app, help me let Apple know!

For those of you looking to join us for the live webcast, here are the details again if you need them: Join us live for a Microsoft Office 365 Announcement on June 28th

Did you find this information helpful? If so, you may want to make sure you are utilizing all of the areas I share information online, such as: my Facebook page, my Twitter account, my Linkedin account, and my blog. Plus, you can now get all of the latest Microsoft Partner Information right on your phone!

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