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Microsoft Partner Information, right on your phone. A new social app.

ELAppSmTileBringing partners information they want and need in an easier way has always been on ongoing effort of mine. In my current role as Director of Worldwide Partner Experience, that passion continues, and today, I am happy to announce the next step on that journey!

Recently, during the Interactive Leadership Forum session we held, we were sharing several social media and online resources we have and are bringing out for partners and one partner asked the question, “I didn’t even know about that resource. How can we keep track of these informational resources?” Not only is that a great question, but how do we take it a step further to go beyond just helping make partners aware of the resources available, but also make it even easier to consume those resources?

To that end, today I am happy to announce the availability of the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app that brings you this information as a Microsoft partner, delivered directly to your phone. The Microsoft Partner Info mobile app brings together a large collection of Microsoft Partner information resources and pulls them into on single visual interface with the information just a touch of your fingertip away.

Below, I am providing several screen shots from the Microsoft Partner Info mobile app to give you an idea of what this app brings to you, right on your mobile phone. You can click on any of them to view a larger picture:

Application start splash screen.
As you can see from the menu, the Microsoft Partner Info app puts a ton of partner information feeds right at your fingertips.
Includes the latest updates directly from
my Twitter account.
Includes the latest updates directly from
my Blog.
With a single tap of your finger, you can open any of the items for full viewing from any of the feeds. Here are a couple of examples.
Get the latest updates shared by Jon Roskill through his Twitter account.
Receive the latest posts from the “Partner Perspective” blog, which Jon Roskill is the main contributor.
Receive the latest updates from the Worldwide Partner Group’s Twitter account.
See what your peers with this direct feed from the Partner Blogs section of the Microsoft Partner Network site.
Receive the latest tweets from the WPC Team at Corporate, as well as the US and Canadian WPC Teams.
The Microsoft Partner Info app allows you to view items in more detail through IE. For instance, say you are looking in the Security Updates section and want more info on this KB. Click the item you want (#1), click the three dots to expand the menu (#2), then click “Open in ie” (#3)
Once you click on the “Open in ie” option shown to the left, the app will open the item in an IE browser window so you can see the full details, including links, etc. Above is a screen shot of the Security Bulletin shown to the left, now opened in IE.
Check out the Training link to see the latest from the Microsoft Partner Training Team.
Want to know what others are saying right now? Take a peek at the MSPartner Talk section to see the current MSPartner info being shared.
See what latest tips, conversations, and more are taking place among Microsoft MVPs.
The Microsoft TS/2 team always shares a bunch of great partner information, so make sure you take a look at their feed in the Microsoft Partner Info app.
Are you a U.S. partner? If so, be sure to check out the feeds from the US Partner Team’s Blog as well as from the Microsoft US Partner Team Twitter updates.
Not only does the Microsoft Partner Information app have feeds coming from the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group Teams at our Corporate Headquarters and the U.S. Partner Team, it also includes feeds from several of our partner teams around the world. Above are screen shots of feeds in the app from our Australia, Austria, Denmark, Italy, New Zealand, Sweden, and U.K. partner teams.

Ever since I launched my initial online community efforts for Microsoft partners back in 2004 while I was working for our U.S. Subsidiary, I have continually tried to find ways to make it easier for you to identify and get the information you are looking for. I sincerely hope that this new app helps many of you not only identify resources you may not have been aware of before, but also helps all of you to consume that information more easily on a regular basis so that you are able to use it in your businesses as Microsoft partners.

You can download the Microsoft Partner Info app for your phone in the following ways:

  • On your Windows Phone, go to Marketplace, click search, type in “Microsoft Partner Info”
  • On your PC, you can add it to your Zune Marketplace for download to your phone by clicking here
  • If you own an Android phone, you can install it from the Android Marketplace by clicking here

I would love your input at feedback on the Microsoft Partner Info app! Did you find a new resource through it that you weren’t aware of before? Do you know of a Microsoft Partner Team that I don’t have included and should? (Note: This is designed for Microsoft Partner related info, not a product related app. That is why product teams are not currently included – But I’m taking your opinions HERE RIGHT NOW). Did the app help you find information that you wouldn’t have seen without it? Plus any other input or feedback you have.

Did you find this information helpful? If so, you may want to make sure you are utilizing all of the areas I share information online, such as: my Facebook page, my Twitter account, my LinkedIn account, and my blog.

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