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Some of the top information you may have missed

eligman4aAs I have mentioned here in the past, I look to share information with partners across a variety of platforms, some of which include: my Blog, my Twitter account, and my LinkedIn account. Through these various communications, I often share links to a variety of resources, information, downloads, and more that I believe partners will find interesting, useful, and even (from time to time) thought provoking.

Over the past month or so, there have been visitors from more than 105 different countries that have utilized the links I have shared through my various social media venues. Today, I thought I would pull together a collection of some of the most utilized links over the past month and share them here with you, in case you happened to miss them or in the event you are a new follower and are wondering what I might be sharing in some of my other areas besides here on the blog. As you will see, some of them are links to posts here on the blog; however, many of them are to information and resources outside the blog that I have shared through forums like my Twitter account or my LinkedIn account. Here’s a sampling of some of the top links from the past month or so:

Now that you  have had a chance to take a look at some of these, had you seen them the first time? Did you find any additional ones that were helpful to you? Did you find any you really liked? I hope the answer to at least the last two questions is “Yes” for many of you, since my goal is to continue to bring useful and interesting information to all of you through my online social media efforts. By the way, if you have any suggestions on other types of information that you think would be helpful to see me share more of, please let me know. Also, I ‘d love to know if you find occasional recaps like this helpful?

One thing to note about the links above, these are just the links that I have shared directly, not including additional links that I have natively re-tweeted through Twitter. For instance, last week when I re-tweeted Jon Roskill’s, “Lots of great sessions lined up for Tech Ed. Hard to believe it’s just a few weeks out!” tweet, since I didn’t create any link for that item, it would not be included in my list of links that I have created and shared. To make sure you have access to all of the information I natively re-tweet as well, be sure you are following me on my Twitter account.

Did you find this information helpful? If so, you may want to make sure you are utilizing all of the areas I share information online, such as: my Facebook page, my Twitter account, my LinkedIn account, and my blog.

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