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Grrrr!!! My Windows Phone NoDo update failed! Error Code 800705B4. Now what?!?

How many of you received your notice that the Windows Phone “NoDo” update is available to you yesterday? If you did, I am putting up this post to share my experience and a tip for you in the event you encounter a similar experience as me.

Yesterday, like many other AT&T subscribers, I received the notification I have been eagerly waiting for that the Windows Phone “NoDo” update is now available for my Samsung Focus. First reaction? “Yay!” Of course, like so many of us these days, I decided to wait until things slowed down a little (lunchtime) to go ahead and do the update to my phone.

After going through the proper steps and completing them to perform the update, instead of receiving the new experience I was so looking forward to, I received the following screen: UpdateError

What?? Error?? Ok, fine. Most logical next step? Let’s try that again. Sure enough, after going through the steps again, I received the same Error Code 800705B4 notification telling me my update did not successfully complete. Next logical step? Bing of course! Sure enough, a quick query brought up this  write-up. Not only does this write-up do a great job of walking people through how to perform the update itself, but the part that I found VERY useful is the section called, “You receive an error while you are updating.”

Inside this section, it has a table listing a collection of possible Error Codes you may see while attempting an update. What’s really nice about it is that you can click on any of the Error Codes listed and it will take you directly to the steps to utilize in order to attempt to address the issue you are facing. image
Sure enough, I clicked on the 800705B4 link in the chart and was promptly brought to the suggested steps to complete my Windows Phone update. Upon using these suggested resolution steps (and I didn’t even need all of them as the second suggestion worked for me), I was greeted with the following screen: Success

Woohoo! I am now up and running on the latest Windows Phone update for my Samsung Focus and absolutely love it!

As noted above, I hope this post and the included link to the support document for potential Windows Phone Error Codes is helpful to any of you that happen to encounter one of them while performing your updates. Even with the Error Code I received and performing the steps to resolve it, the entire update process still went very quickly and I was up and running in a very short time.

I hope you too are enjoying the latest updates to your Windows Phone the fantastic experience that Windows Phone provides. Also, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I have a bunch of links and resources included in my Windows Phone 7 information and resources – Everything you love, easier and faster post that may also be of use to you.

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