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Announcing a new way to connect – my worldwide partner Facebook account

Some of you may recall when my initial online community efforts here at Microsoft (which started back in the 2003 timeframe) first began and then grew from a pilot program in our Midwest area in the US and jumped into the spotlight in 2004: image

Ever since that time, I have continued to work to evolve my online presence as my role and responsibilities here at Microsoft have changed, as well as based on input and feedback from the partners I have had the opportunity to work with.  As you all know, in social media, there is no one and only way to communicate.  Some people love blogs, some love Twitter, some love Facebook, others love LinkedIn, and any combination of these.  Also, there are those that despise one or more of those methods as well, so no one way provides a way to reach everyone in a manner they like.  As such, my online accounts have continued to expand to provide new ways for connection with Microsoft partners, based on the way they like to interact.  Prior to today, I have provided several methods to connect that are open to pretty much all partners, including: my blog, Twitter account, LinkedIn account, and the MSSmallBiz User Group.  The one piece that was not widely open has been through Facebook, since I have openly stated that I use my Facebook account for personal connections with friends and family as well, so that is one area that would not be broadly available.

image Well, today I am happy to announce that based on your input and requests, I now have a Facebook account that is open to partners everywhere who prefer to use Facebook for online interaction.  This will enable a new way to connect and interact with each other, that some of you have said you prefer over the other methods. 

Below is an updated list of the various ways now available to connect online, spanning many different interfaces, to hopefully address the majority of your preferences:

RSS My Blog:
follow_bird-a Twitter:
image Linkedin –
image Facebook
image Microsoft Partner Network Site:
image MSSmallBiz User Group

For those of you that have sent me friend requests to my personal account in the past and not received an approval, you may see requests coming from my new account, or please feel free to send your request to me at the new account and I will be happy to get you added.  I look forward to the continued interaction with all of you moving forward and thanks again for all of the fantastic input and feedback you all continue to share with me!

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