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Happy New Year and thank you for a great 2010, from all of us to all of you!

imageIt is hard to believe, but another year is coming to an end.  While 2010 seemed to fly by, what a great year it has been, filled with wonderful successes by our partners, amazing new technology offerings being announced and released, fantastic partner events and meetings (like Worldwide Partner Conference 2010), and so much more!  This year, as with every other year, the new year brings with it a perfect time to reflect back on all that has transpired over the past 12 months and give thanks.  Thanks not only for what we have seen and been fortunate enough to have been a part of, but also to give thanks to all of those around us that have made that journey with us and helped make it what it has been. 

With that, I am want to take a few moments here to offer up my personal thanks to all of the Microsoft partners around the world for the hard work they put in over the past 12 months and the incredible solutions they have implemented and brought to life for the clients they serve around the globe.  At Microsoft, we pride ourselves on being a partner led solutions model and having the greatest partner channel in the world!  It is with our partners that we have built our success together and we look forward to many more years of joint success bringing technology to individuals and companies around the world with our partners.  Each and every year I tell everyone here at Microsoft that one of the main reasons I love what I do is the opportunity to continually speak with, interact with, communicate with, and work with the phenomenal partners we have.  With each new year, I get to meet additional partners for the first time, and I enjoy getting to learn more about you and your companies and working with you.  For a number of you, I have had the pleasure of knowing you for years now and view you as more than just business colleagues, but also as friends.   

Speaking of friends, as I was heading out of the office before the holiday break, I ran into several friends here in Building 121 at Microsoft and they wanted to pass along some thoughts to all of the partners around the world as well.  Good thing I had my Windows Phone 7 on me to capture their thoughts so I could share them with you here.  Simply click the videos below to hear from each of them:

Vahe Torossian
Corporate Vice-President, SMS&P

Jon Roskill
Corporate Vice-President, Worldwide Partner Group

Julie Bennani
General Manager, Microsoft Partner Network

Ross Brown
Vice-President, Worldwide Partner Sales

Karl Noakes
General Manager, Worldwide Partner Strategy & Programs

Todd Weatherby
General Manager, SMS&P Customer, Partner and Seller Experience

Robert Jones
General Manager Worldwide Tele-Management & Inside Sales

Now in case some of you are thinking, “Eric, why are you posting this at 2:00 am Redmond time on December 31st?  It’s not the New Year there yet.”  Well, since I’m sending these wishes out to our partners around the world, I thought it only appropriate to have this post up in time for the New Year in the very first time zone crossing over to 2011, which is the UTC +14 hours time zone, where it just became 2011. 

Hopefully all of you are having a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year with your friends, family, and loved ones.  Thank you again for a phenomenal 2010, Happy New Year wishes to each of you and here’s to a fantastic 2011 together with all of you!

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