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Windows Phone 7 U.S. launch is here!

imageThe long awaited day is here!  As of today, November 8th, 2010, Windows Phone 7 is now available here in the U.S. and with it, a different kind of phone experience.  With Windows Phone 7, the experience has been designed to help users efficiently get in, get what they want, and get back to life.  Now, you may be thinking, “Aren’t we already efficient in getting in and getting what we need?”  Well, according a recent Harris Interactive survey, I wouldn’t count on it.  Here are just a few key findings from the survey:

  • 19% of phone owners between ages 18-24 have dropped their phone in a toilet (Let’s hope you didn’t borrow their phone at some point!)
  • 49% of adults between 18-24 have tripped or walked into something while walking & texting or emailing on their mobile phone (c’mon, admit it…  You’re one of them, aren’t you?)
  • 72% identified bad mobile phone behavior as one of their top 10 pet peeves
    • Only 18 percent of mobile phone owners admit they are guilty of displaying such behavior  (Hmmmm, somebody’s not admitting something…)
  • 69% of mobile phone users between 18-34 have used their phone while in bed  (Nope, not even going to touch this one)

These are just a few of the behaviors and interesting stats behind them.  To see the full findings of the study, you can take a look HERE.  If you haven’t seen the “Really?” Windows 7 commercial yet, take a look below.  It’s actually quite funny and depicts these common behaviors very well (and come on, you know that many of the people shown below could easily be, or have been you, couldn’t they?)

“Really?” Windows Phone 7 commercial:

Here in the U.S., Windows Phone 7 becomes available initially through AT&T and T-Mobile carriers.  Other carrier availability will forthcoming.

For a bunch of Windows Phone 7 information, check out my Windows Phone 7 information and resources – Everything you love, easier and faster post.  There you will find things like:

  • Replay of the Microsoft & AT&T Windows Phone 7 press conference
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  • Functionality and demo videos
  • Information, resources, & links
  • Partner resources for Windows Phone 7
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  • And more…

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What an exciting week this has been!  First, the North America launch of Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 and now the U.S. launch of Windows Phone 7!  (Both of which made my list of 11 Reasons why today is a day to remember…)  I’d love to hear back from any of you willing to share your experience with the new Windows Phone 7 now that it is available and what you think of it.

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