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Hey, where did the Microsoft Partner Network Transition Tool go?!

Here’s a question I have seen from some partners, so I thought I would post the answer here for anyone else who may have this same inquiry.  The question goes something like this, “Hey, where did the Microsoft Partner Network Transition Tool go?!”

As you know, we launched the new Microsoft Partner Network at the beginning of this month, which means that now as you renew your membership in the Microsoft Partner Network, it will be under the new competency model.  Leading up to the launch of the new Microsoft Partner Network, we had built and posted a tool online called the Microsoft Partner Network Transition Tool to help partners assess where they were at and where they would be based on the new competency model, along with steps they needed to take to achieve the Silver or Gold level competencies they were interested in having for their organization.  With the launch of the new Microsoft Partner Network, some partners have noticed that the Transition Tool is no longer online, which has led them to ask the question above. 

Here is the answer…  In our ongoing efforts to simplify your working with Microsoft and improving your experience as part of the Microsoft Partner Network, we have taken the functionality of the Transition Tool and incorporated it into the Partner Membership Center so that you can see that information directly in the place where you manage your membership already.  If you look at my Simplifying your Microsoft Partner Network membership management – Partner Membership Center post, I have several screenshots and pieces of information showing how this functionality now shows up in the Partner Membership Center.

So there is no need for worry about the Microsoft Partner Network Transition Tool “disappearing,” and we appreciate the great feedback we received on how much you liked being able to see where you stand going into renewal and what steps you have left to accomplish.  Now you have that functionality that you have told us you like built directly into your membership management site, which gives you one less place you need to go and should help simplify your membership and renewal in the Microsoft Partner Network moving forward.  Also, you can always contact the Regional Service Center for questions or concerns or to find out which specific exams your staff needs to attain a competency.

I hope this answers your question on what happened to the Transition Tool and why it is no longer there as a separate site/tool.

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