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imageAs a follow-up to the announcements made earlier in the Microsoft and AT&T press conference about the Windows Phone 7 that took place this morning I thought I would post here on the blog with some additional information as well as consolidate some of the information I shared through my Twitter account this morning during the event.  As an overview, this morning, Microsoft and AT&T announced the November 8th launch date in the U.S. for the amazing new Windows Phone 7 (additional country launch dates coming), as well as unveiling several of the new devices that will be available through AT&T at launch.  In addition, many of the features of the Windows Phone 7 were displayed through a series of demos, which were really quite impressive if I say so myself (and I am).

Let’s start with the press conference this morning.  In case you were not able to join us this morning (6:30 am PDT) for the live event itself, don’t fret.  We did record the session and you will be able to view it on demand online right here, or you can view it below as I am sharing it here on the blog to make it even easier for you to view if you wish:

Click below to view the Microsoft & AT&T Windows Phone 7 Press Conference

As mentioned above, the launch date of November 8th in the U.S. was shared, which means an absolutely fantastic birthday week for me with Kinect launching on the 4th and Windows Phone 7 launching on the 8th!  During the press conference, three Windows Phone 7 devices were announced that will be available from AT&T at launch:

image 1) Samsung Focus: 480 X 800 4.0” diagonal display, 1 GHz Qualcomm processor & more.


image 2) LG Quantum: 480 X 800 3.5” diagonal display, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, full slide out QWERTY keyboard & more.


3) HTC Surround: 480 X 800 3.8” diagonal display, 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, slide out Yamaha speaker with surround sound & more.


Now while these three phones were announced from AT&T this morning, we also have a few more that have been posted that you can see here on the Microsoft Store Windows Phone 7 page.  For a more interactive look, check out the devices video posted by the Windows Phone Team below that highlights the various Windows Phone devices:

Windows Phone 7 device lineup

One of the fantastic new advances in Windows Phone 7 is the hub concept.  The use of hubs puts your world and your information right at your fingertips to let you do what you want, when you want, and how you want so you can be more efficient and get on with your life.  For instance:


The People Hub:
(Click link above for People hub page)

– Call with speech: Press and hold Start, then say the contact’s name, or the phone number. (Check out the video)

– Manage multiple email accounts, calendars, and contacts

– Post on Facebook, see recent updates, check out posted pictures & more

– Make calls, check voicemail, set up conference calls

– Pin a contact to Start – Just tap a tile to call, email, or text, right from there. Feed updates appear there, too.  (Check out this video)

image The Pictures Hub
(Click link above for Picture hub page)

– View your pictures & videos how you want & pin to start for quicker access

– View the latest pictures from friends & family uploaded to Windows Live or Facebook

– Sync files with your phone to move pictures from PC into albums on your phone and vice versa

image The Games Hub:
(Click link above for Games hub page)

From the Games hub, you can play games not just on the phone, you can also connect to and extend your gaming experience to your computer and your Xbox console.

image The Marketplace Hub:
(Click link above for Marketplace hub page)

The Marketplace hub is where you can try, buy, and search for apps, music, and games from your phone.

image The Music & Video Hub:
(Click link above for Music & Video hub page)

Your anytime entertainment center to play your own stuff, download new stuff, listen to FM radio, & more.

Above, I mentioned the “Call with speech,” feature that Windows Phone 7 has, but did you know you can do a lot more than that with speech on Windows Phone 7?  Take a look:

Windows Phone 7 Speech

How many of you like customizing your phones, such as putting your favorite items where you can easily get to them quickly?  Well, with Windows Phone 7, “pinning” makes customizing a snap!  Check it out:

Windows Phone 7 Start

With all of the amazing things you can have at your fingertips with Windows Phone 7, you might think that finding it all might be a challenge.  Ahhh, fear not!  With the search feature of Windows Phone 7, not only can you find things on your phone with ease, you can even find things on the web and around you with ease as Windows Phone 7 works with Bing to help you find even more in an instant.  Want to see?  Here you go:

Windows Phone 7 Search

Another feature of Windows Phone 7 that I really like is the “Find my phone” capability that, well, helps you find your phone should you misplace it.  Note, I am not one that loses their phone (knock on wood), but let’s just say that I know some people that have a tendency to misplace their phones from time to time…  If you are one of those people, and you know who you are, then this feature is for you:

image With the “Find my phone” feature, which is included as a free service (data connection required on your phone), if you misplace your phone, you can log into Windows Live from any PC and remotely ring, lock, erase, or show your phone’s location on a map.  If you want to, you can also post a “Please Return” note on the phone’s screen as well.

Now where would the fun be of a launch without some cool new ads to view as well?  Personally, I like the “Really?” spot as it is quite comical and we all know people that have done some, if not all, of the things depicted in it while totally spacing out staring at their phones.  Here they are below for your viewing enjoyment:

“Really?” Windows Phone 7 commercial:

“Season of the Witch” Windows Phone 7 commercial:

For those of you that want to learn even more about Windows Phone 7, like me, here are several resources for you that you can utilize in your quest:

  • Developer tools & training
  • eBook “Programming Windows Phone 7”
  • Windows Phone 7 & Microsoft Exchange Server datasheet
  • Widows Phone 7 for business datasheet
  • Windows Phone 7 for business presentation
  • Windows Phone 7 demo videos
  • Windows Phone Business Value Sales Tools
  • Windows Phone 7 blogs
  • Windows Phone 7 content from WPC 2010
  • And more…
  • Some Windows Phone Developer Resources:

Well, that should hopefully help you get started in your quest to find out more about the incredible Windows Phone 7!  There will be plenty more coming out as we approach the availability date as well as afterwards as more apps, devices, etc. continue to become available, so be sure to follow the Windows Phone team at the locations I have included above.

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