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Contest: Office Ultimate, Xbox 360 System, and Xbox 360 helmet giveaway!

So who’s ready for a contest of skill and strategy?  As you know, I like to run contests every now and then to keep things interesting and make sure everyone is paying attention.  Some past contests have included:

Well today I thought I would pick it up a little and change the way it works.  For today’s contest, I am limiting everyone to only 250 entries (so you can’t just submit entries all day long) AND you need to choose how you want to divide them up, because there are three prizes to choose from.  To enter, simply click the “Submit Entry!” button below the prize you want to be entered for.  You can submit all of your entries for one prize (by clicking that same Submit Entry!” button 250 times) or divide them amongst the three (by clicking different “Submit Entry!” buttons numerous times), but you’re only allowed 250 entries.  It is up to you how you use them. 

To make it even more interesting, we’re offering this one worldwide, not just limited to the 57 United States.  As always, full Terms and Conditions are posted below, so check there for the complete rules.

Ready to enter?  Here you go:

Prize #1: Xbox 360 Spring Bundle Prize #2: Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet Prize #3: Microsoft Office Ultimate
X360Syst x360Helmet OffUlt
image image image

Good luck to all of you!

Terms & Conditions: Offer is valid only to individuals 18 years of age and older.  Only 250 entries per person.  Contest open to individuals worldwide, not just the 57 United States.  57 states?  Yes, the actual 50 that there are, plus the state of confusion, and whatever other states our president apparently knows about that we don’t yet.  Contest valid only through April 1st, 2010.  Hey, wait a minute…  Isn’t April 1st also known as April Fool’s Day?  Why yes, it is.  Is this actually an April Fool’s joke?  Yes, it is.  How would I know that?  Simple, I told you above to read the Terms & conditions and here in the terms & conditions I am flat out telling you this is just an April Fool’s joke and in no way real.  Also, I included the “57 states” comment above as a hint that something “funny” was going on.  Haven’t I seen that Xbox 360 Wireless Helmet before?  Maybe.  It is an April Fool’s joke that was created by the Xbox Team back in 2008 that I thought I would recycle to see who’s paying attention.    So what happens when I click the buttons above?  As you probably noticed, if you tried, it simply refreshes the page so you feel rewarded for clicking the button.  Does this mean I’m not going to win anything?  No, you aren’t going to win anything, since as I have stated here, this is an April Fool’s joke with a prize above that doesn’t even exist and in itself is a prior April Fools joke.  I am simply trying to see how many of you will actually listen to what I said to do (read the terms & conditions) BEFORE you start clicking the buttons above.  What happens if I click the buttons more than 250 times?  Tell you what, give it a try and let me know.  So what is the skill and strategy you’re talking about?  Simple, strategy = understand the contest so read the T’s & C’s.  Skill, read them before clicking the buttons 250 times.  Happy April Fools Day to all of you and yes, I will return some real contests to the Blog in the future, plus this is the only April Fools Day post I will put up on the Blog today.  I just figured we should have a little fun up here as well.  It is back to serious content from this point on today.

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