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A couple of questions I get asked often are:

  • Where do you post information online at?
  • If I follow you on “X", will I see all of the information you post?

To address these questions and to make it easier to identify these locations, I am putting this post together to help clarify these items.  Below is a quick list of places online that I post and share information to:

RSS My Blog:
follow_bird-a Twitter:
image Linkedin –
image Microsoft Partner Network Site:
image User Group:
image Facebook:

While I do populate information to each of the various online mediums in various different ways, they are not all necessarily linked directly together as I sometimes choose to share information in one or more of these vehicles but not in others or all of them.  In addition, some of these are open broadly to anyone, while others are not.  To help show how the information flows between these various resources and to give you a better idea of which ones you may want to subscribe to, I have put together a quick video to explain the interaction between these various resources and how I populate and automate information flow among these:

Hopefully this helps you understand the various online outlets and social media engines I currently utilize and how you can find and subscribe to the ones that are of most interest to you.  I look forward to connecting with you online and for those of you attending Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, hopefully we will have a chance to meet in person and be able to put faces with names.

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