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Agenda for #WPC09 today, Tuesday, July 14th

image_3%5B1%5D_2[1] For all of you @WPC09 this week, here’s a quick overview of the agenda for Tuesday, in case you didn’t look it up on Digital WPC:

Just a quick reminder, my Contest for FREE STUFF is being continued today (Tuesday).  Have you found me yet?  I will be giving out some free clues on where I am through my Twitter account during the day.  I did already give one clue out for Tuesday in this Blog post.


  • Registration Hours: 7:00am – 6:00pm
  • Schedule Meetings using WPC Connect on 7:00am – 6:00pm
  • Breakfast: 7:00am – 8:15am

8:30am – 11:00am Vision Keynotes

  • Allison Watson, Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Partner Group, Microsoft
  • Bob Muglia, President, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft
  • Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer, Microsoft

11:00am – 11:30am Break

11:30am – 12:30pm Solutions Value Keynotes

  • Application Platform Optimization, Neil Charney, Auditorium A
  • The Business Productivity Opportunity: The Next Wave, Your Customers, and You, Chris Capossela, La Nouvelle C
  • Maximizing Your Opportunity with Core Infrastructure, Bob Kelly, Auditorium B
  • Microsoft Developer Platform: Return on Innovation, Jason Zander, Auditorium C
  • The Partner Story for Azure, Doug Hauger, La Nouvelle AB

11:30pm –12:30pm Hands-on Lab Sessions

  • HOL109 Windows Phone with Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Room 264)
  • HOL116 Identifying Counterfeit Software and Proof of Licensing (Room 263)
  • HOL126 Designing Scorecards with PerformancePoint Services for SharePoint (Room 262)

12:30pm – 2:00pm – Lunch

12:30pm – 6:00pm – Expo Hall Open

12:45pm –1:45pm – Hands-on Lab Sessions

  • HOL118 – Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager and SAM (Room 263)
  • HOL119 – Optimize Your License Sales Process and Create Customized Quotes for Your Customers with Microsoft LicenseWise (Room 264)
  • HOL122 – Building Effective Search Front Ends with ESP for SharePoint: Achieving High Search Quality (Room 262)

2:00pm – 3:00pm Breakout Sessions

  • AP002 – Partnering with Azure Services (Room 220-222)
  • AP007 – Differentiate Your Applications with Killer Features from the Microsoft Application Platform (Room 281-282)
  • AP008 – Microsoft Application Platform Licensing Primer (Room 265-268)
  • AP009 – Delivering Application Integration Solutions on the Microsoft Application Platform (Room 278-280)
  • BL004 – Speed of Trust – Leading in Crisis (Room La Nouvelle C)
  • BL005 – Women in Technology: Leading with Resilience (Room 228-230)
  • BP007 – Winning in Unified Communications with Microsoft Office Communications Server (Room La Louisiane C)
  • BP008 – Solution Platform Opportunities with Microsoft Office Visio (Room 208-210)
  • BP009 – The Power of Insight: Boosting Your Business with Microsoft Business Intelligence (Room La Louisiane AB)
  • CI007 – Forefront Business Ready Security Partner Opportunity with Douglas Leland, GM, ISBG (Room 243-244)
  • CI008 – Virtualization Solutions: Scenarios and Partner Business Opportunities (Room 252-254)
  • CI009 – Live Quiz Show: Optimized Desktop and the Road to Services Value (Room 255-257)
  • DYN007 – FY10+ Microsoft Dynamics Partner Strategy (Room 271-273)
  • DYN008 – Leverage xRM to differentiate Your Business By Delivering Rapid Value to Your Customers (Room 275-276)
  • DYN009 – Mergers and Acquisitions 101 (Room 277)
  • MOB003 – Windows Marketplace for Mobile: Seize the Possibilities; Realize the Profit (Room 238-239)
  • OEM004 – The OEM Business Value of Windows 7 (Room Auditorium C)
  • SM004 – Marketing Survival Strategies for the Attention Economy (Room 225-227)
  • SMB003 – Strengthen Your Business by Helping Your Customers Save Time and Get Organized (Room 218-219) – My Session
  • SS007 – Reading the Tea Leaves: SaaS Trends and Building Your Competitive Edge (Room 215-216)
  • SS009 – How to Scale Your Business and Grow Your Revenue with Microsoft Online Services (Room 217)

2:00pm –3:00pm – Hands-on Lab Sessions

  • HOL117 – Notes from the Field: Successfully Delivering SAM Optimization Assessments (Room 263)
  • HOL123 – View Pipeline Using Partner Sales Management! (Room 264)
  • HOL136 – Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Feature Walkthrough (Room 262)

3:00pm – 3:30pm Break

3:30pm –4:30pm Breakout Sessions

  • AP010 Delivering Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence on the Microsoft Application Platform (Room 265-268)
  • AP011 Delivering Application Lifecycle Management Solutions on the Microsoft Application Platform (Room 235-236)
  • AP012 Getting Your Applications Compatible on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Room 281-282)
  • AP019 Winning with the New Microsoft Web Platform (Room 278-280)
  • BL006 Fear is NOT a Strategy! (Room 228-230)
  • BP010 Turning Economic Challenges into Business Opportunities Using Microsoft Online Services (Room La Louisiane C) BP011 Ask the Experts: Deployment Partner Services and Your Success (Room 208-210)
  • BP012 Winning on the Web: Microsoft SharePoint As an Internet Platform (Room La Louisiane AB)
  • CI010 How to Capitalize on the Forefront Launch Wave (Room 243-244)
  • CI011 Building the Foundation for a Cloud Computing Infrastructure (Room 252-254)
  • CI012 Use Desktop Virtualization to Demonstrate Immediate Cost Saving and Business Flexibility for Your Customers (Room 255-257)
  • DYN010 Are You Stuck in Your Comfort Zone? (Room 271-273)
  • DYN011 Online Marketing That Pays Off (Room 277)
  • DYN012 Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (Room 275-276)
  • DYNSL Grow Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics SL (Room Hampton Inn/ Riverside II)
  • MOB004 Capitalize on the Windows Phone Business Opportunity (Room 238-239)
  • OEM005 Going to Market with Windows 7 (Room Auditorium C)
  • SM003 The IAMCP Partnering Maturity Model: Roadmap to Higher Profits and Increased Customer Satisfaction (Room 228-230)
  • SM006 ReThink! An Easier Path to Better Business Requirements Documents (Room 225-227)
  • SMB004 Help Your Customers Make Smart Business Decisions with Your SMB BI Solution (Room 218-219)
  • SS005 IDC Perspective: Partnering in the Cloud (Room 215-216)
  • SS006 Azure Services Partner Model and Pricing (Room 220-222)

3:30pm –4:30pm Hands-on Lab Sessions

  • HOL127 Deploying Microsoft Exchange with Windows Phones (Room 263)
  • HOL134 Capital Planning and Investment Control for Government Using Microsoft Enterprise Project Management (EPM) 2007 (Room 264)
  • HOL138 Learning the Capabilities of Visio 2010 (Room 262)

4:30pm – 5:00pm Break

5:00pm –6:00pm Breakout Sessions

  • AP013 Custom Application Development Roadmap: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Room 281-282)
  • AP014 Maximize the Value of SAP with the Microsoft Application Platform (Room 278-280)
  • AP015 Early Look at SQL Server 2008 R2 and project code-named Madison (Room 265-268)
  • AP016 Business Opportunities with Windows Internet Explorer 8 (Room 235-236)
  • AP020 How Can Microsoft Surface Transform Your Business? (Room 217)
  • BL004R Speed of Trust – Leading in Crisis (Room La Nouvelle C)
  • BP013 Building Solutions on SharePoint: The Value Delivered Today, and a Sneak Peek at Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010 (Room La Louisiane AB)
  • BP014 Enhancing Enterprise Project Management through Collaboration (Room 208-210)
  • BP015 Betting on Office: How You Can Grow Your Business by Winning Customers to the Microsoft Platform (Room La Louisiane C)
  • CI013 Grow your Security Revenue Today: Partner Resources and Best Practices (Room 243-244)
  • CI014 Efficient and Effective Service Management: Orchestrating Incident, Problem, Change, and Configuration Management across the Microsoft Platform (Room 252-254)
  • CI015 Tapping into the Desktop Migration Opportunity (Room 255-257)
  • DYN013 Identifying Key Drivers That Impact Profits (Room 271-273)
  • DYN014 Reducing Costs by Integrating Marketing, Sales, and Implementation Methodologies (Room 275-276)
  • DYN015 Is Your Organizational Model Holding You Back? (Room 277)
  • MOB005 Assist Your Customers in This Tough Economy: Increase Their Employee’s Productivity and Responsiveness with Windows Phones (Room 238-239)
  • OEM006 OEM Windows 7 Technical Session (Room Auditorium C)
  • SM007 Growing Despite Economic Uncertainty: Proven Methods for Selling to Small and Midsize Business Customers (Room 225-227)
  • SM008 Everybody Sells! Leveraging Your Consulting Workforce "In the Right Way" to Maximize Sales and Deployment (Room 228-230)
  • SMB005 Small and Midsized Business (SMB) Growth Opportunities: Jumpstart Your Public Sector Business Today! (Room 218-219)
  • SS001R Software-Plus-Services: Bringing it all together across MS Online Services, Partner Hosted and Windows Azure (Room 220-222)
  • SS008 Leveraging the Cloud: How ISVs Can Use New Microsoft Programs to Move into the Software-Plus-Services World (Room 215-216)

5:00pm –6:00pm Hands-on Lab Sessions

  • HOL101 Windows 7 Enterprise Features (Room 262)
  • HOL115 Understanding and Successfully Using an MLS (Room 263)
  • HOL139 Create Great IW Demos with the New Demo Showcase (Room 264)

Looking forward to seeing you @Microsoft #WPC09!

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

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