Trial software from Microsoft? You bet & here’s how to get it!

Ever wondered if there was a way to try a certain piece of Microsoft software out to see what it is, or how it works, or for that ever popular reason, “just because?” If you have, do you know where to go to find it? And there lies the golden question… Until now.

Now in the spirit of full disclosure, not all Microsoft software is available to try, but a lot of it is. So if you are interested in seeing what we do and don’t have available to try, check out the Microsoft Trial Software Center. (Gee, almost seems like we made it logical this time, doesn’t it?) We have items from the Windows family of products, Development tools, Home & Entertainment, Office, Games, Finance, Servers, Windows Mobile, and even some previous versions of products no longer available.

Just click the banner below and you are on your way.


Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Global Partner Experience Lead
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group
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Comments (3)

  1. Mike Renna says:

    you say ‘ check out the Microsoft Trial Software Center. (Gee, almost seems logical now, doesn’t it?)’  and ‘you are on your way.’

    But clicking on that banner takes you to what seems to be a top level ‘microsoft product information center’.  there’s no links for trials. I click on a couple items and don’t see a ‘logical’ link to try the products.  It’s only after looking over the page do I think to do a search on ‘trial’ and then I get a page listing products available for trial.

    Not quite the smooth process you make it sound, but typical for microsoft – the employees sound sincere, but the sheer size of the company makes finding anything, anything but simple or logical.

  2. Mike Renna says:

    OK, I did miss the trial link on the left… but why doesn’t your trial center link take you to that page?

  3. mssmallbiz says:

    @ mike – Thanks for the comment and I am glad you posted it because I actually had the wrong link associated with the banner.  I have updated it now and it takes you directly to the Microsoft Trial Software Center.  Thanks again for bringing this to my attention!