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I forgot to purchase Software Assurance when I ordered. Now what?

Thanks to Tim for sending this question over yesterday. His question is, “If a customer purchased an SBS Server and did not purchase Software Assurance with the original order, can they add it now and if so, which programs qualify?”

Ok, Tim, here is the answer to your question. Just as I referenced in my, “If I add Software Assurance to my OEM Windows license, can I transfer the Windows license to a new PC?” post from yesterday, I am going to recommend you take a look at my, “When can I add Software Assurance and what happens to the license when Software Assurance is added and the machine retires?” post and the chart that I included in it. In there, it shows exactly when Software Assurance can be added to a Server license purchased through OEM, Retail/FPP, and Volume Licensing.

Since your question was specifically around a customer who purchased their SBS license through the Open Business licensing program, I will give that specific answer here. If you look at that chart referenced above, you will notice that under Volume Licensing, you can purchase Software Assurance with your license up front (L+SA), or you purchase Software Assurance as a renewal when your original Software Assurance is about to expire. You cannot just add Software Assurance onto a License only (L) purchase through Volume Licensing.

So, what does your client do now? Well, it sounds like this was a very recent purchase that your client made, so I would suggest contacting your distributor and telling them you want to return the SBS License without Software Assurance order that you placed through Open Business and replace it with an SBS License + Software Assurance (L+SA) order through the Open Value Program (You could do the Open Value Subscription Program as well if you are buying the CALs too). Depending on how long ago the purchase was made (within past 60-90 days), you should probably be good to go.

Now I am sure that somebody out there reading this is asking themselves, “Why wouldn’t they just order the SBS License + Software Assurance through the Open Business Program like they did the SBS License instead of the Open Value Program?” Good follow-up question. I have actually addressed this one on the Blog before in a few other posts, so I will point you to those for the in-depth answer:

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