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Wow, it’s far worse than I thought…

There are those times in life that you stop, take a look around, think to yourself “Did I really see what I think I just saw?” then can do nothing but laugh about it and maybe try to figure it out. Yesterday I ran into one of those times.

Just the other day in my “What did he say? Deciphering “Microsoft speak” post, I was joking about the ever-increasing use of acronyms at Microsoft and how bad it is getting. Even to the point of joking about us bringing in teen texting champions to help us out. Also, you may recall awhile ago I put a post up here asking, “This is the same Microsoft, right???” when I noticed that the Windows Live Writer program was not recognizing Microsoft products as legitimate words and pointing out the irony and comedy in that.

Well, what I saw yesterday takes the cake. It is official that this is out of control! (In a comical and ironic kind of way) While working on a project regarding licensing (I know, shocking, isn’t it?), one of the files I was working with had a tab called, “Microsoft Acronyms.” Given my post here the day before, I thought, “Hmmm… I wonder which ones they have listed?” So I started scanning through to see if there might be some I should add to the list I posted, when I saw it… The sight that crossed all boundaries of sanity and reason while at the same time being so ironic I could not help but literally laugh out loud (then quickly email a friend of mine in our Worldwide Licensing Team to give him a really hard time about it).

Here is what I came across, completely unedited (except for the addition of the red callouts to ensure he saw what I was talking about). Anyone see the irony here?

clip_image002 Click image to view full size

First, do you really need an acronym for a 3-letter word?

Second, and here’s the real irony, given they created an acronym for “ESP,” you’d think they’d see this coming… 🙂 (Yes, I know they aren’t really referring to Extrasensory perception type ESP here, but the irony is a bit much, don’t you think?)

Anyway, just thought you might get a kick out of this as well, maybe bring a smile to your face during the hectic work day, and to say, “It’s never a bad thing to sit back and laugh at yourself once in awhile when things get totally out of control.” 🙂

Ok, now returning the Blog to it’s regular, business related broadcasting…

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

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