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Twas the night before Christmas – A holiday wish for you

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and here at the house

We’re all snowed in, me, the kids, and my spouse;

Can’t believe it’s been snowing, for so many days now,

Who would ever have guessed, we’d need a snow plow?


The girls are upstairs, all nestled in their beds,

Images of Christmas day, dancing in their heads;

And Karen’s now asleep, after being tucked into bed,

As for me, like the song says, “I can sleep when I’m dead;”


So another year’s past, gone by in a blink,

And as I look back, I can’t help but think;

How thankful I am, for the year that’s near through,

And how much we owe, to so many of you;


To our family and friends, both far and near,

From back in Chicago, to in Washington here;

From the folks at NetVision, our teammates on a raft,

To the crew from NASCAR, who can really bump draft;


To those at SMB Nation, you know who you are,

That traveled to be here, from both near and far;

To the Partners I got to spend time with, at WPC,

It’s such an honor to have you spend your time with me;


To those attending webcasts, Live Meetings, and so much more,

Or in the User Group, or the Blog, discussing topics galore;

Or the emails you send me, or surveys filled out,

Every interaction I do value, in this have no doubt;


So as I stop and I think, about this year that’s gone by,

Especially in an economy, that has many saying, “Oh my!”

It makes one reflect, on what matters through and through,

And it’s great people that matter, like so many of you;


So please take this to heart, as you read this quick post,

A thank you from me, to you who deserve it the most,

May your holidays be happy, merry, and bright,

And happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


Happy holidays from us to you,

Eric Ligman
Global Partner Experience Lead
Microsoft Worldwide Partner Group
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