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Don’t forget about the Australian SBSC Blogs as well

I have had the pleasure of working with Robbie Upcroft here at Microsoft for many years now, and for those of you who know him, you know he is a great guy who really is passionate about helping Partners in the SMB segment be successful. Well now that Robbie is part of Microsoft Australia, shortly… Read more

View the Windows Essential Server Solution Launch Webcast Live and invite your clients

We are quickly closing in on the LIVE Launch Webcast for the Windows Essential Server Solutions, and you are all invited, along with your clients. During this event, you and your clients can see how partners like you and Microsoft can make it possible for SMBs to achieve new business capabilities that traditionally were attainable… Read more

Can I split the 5 CALs that came with one SBS server off to use with another SBS server?

As you know, Small Business Server (SBS) comes with 5 Client Access Licenses (CALs) when you purchase the server license itself. A question I often see or am asked is, “Can I separate the 5 CALs that come with one SBS Server license and use those 5 CALs with a different SBS Server instead?” The… Read more

Yes, the same solution exists for SBS 2003 R2 CALs until December 31st

I have been seeing and receiving several questions in regards to my, “How do I still get SBS 2003 R2 + Software Assurance in October since it was removed from the Volume License pricelists? Final Solution” post, asking if the same exception has been made for acquiring SBS 2003 R2 CALs before December 31st and… Read more

What is a Microsoft MVP and how do I find out who they are?

Yesterday a Partner asked how they could find the Microsoft MVPs for one of our products and for more information about what an MVP is since they had seen several Microsoft MVPs addressing questions for other Partners and referenced in the past for presentations, etc. Here is how MVPs are described on the MVP page:… Read more

Critical Out of Cycle Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-067 – Update today

Today Microsoft released an out of cycle Security Bulletin and Microsoft recommends customers apply the update immediately. For the out-of-band security bulletin added to Version 3.0 of this bulletin summary, Microsoft is hosting a webcast to address customer questions on October 23, 2008, at 1:00 PM Pacific Time (US & Canada). Register now for the… Read more

What if I have a question on my SBS deployment rebate?

I received an inquiry from a Partner today stating that they had read my “How do I still get SBS 2003 R2 + Software Assurance in October since it was removed from the Volume License pricelists? Final Solution.” post and that they had already submitted a rebate request in early October that they had an… Read more