When do customers with Software Assurance on their SBS servers get their SBS 2008 media?

A Partner asked me this question yesterday on behalf of one of their clients who has SBS 2003 with Software Assurance through Open Value right now. In case you are one of the many Partners with clients in this situation, I thought I would provide the answer for you here.

With SBS 2008 SKUs coming onto the Volume Licensing pricelists in October, the media will begin to have availability in mid-October. Because of this, the SBS 2008 media will be included in their November media kits.

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Eric Ligman
Microsoft Senior Manager, Community Engagement
US Partner Strategy, Marketing and Programs
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Comments (8)

  1. Eric – this is very helpful as I just "tried" to answer the same question last week for my main man Ed Carnes in TN. See my post up if you like:


  2. mssmallbiz says:

    Glad I could be of assistance, Harry.  Looking forward to seeing you and the whole crew out at SMB Nation this weekend!

  3. Charles Kelsoe says:

    Eric, why is it that licensing will allow the download of most every other product but not Small Business Server? It is available from MSDN so I know it it doable. Will the licensing keys work on the msdn downloads?

    Also, I (we) still maintain that licensing is screwed up big time. My distributer said that I had to order SBS from licensing directly and licensing said I had to order from the distributer. Not only does Microsoft not understand companywide their confusing licensing but they do not even understand how to fullfill it.

  4. After yesterday’s post , I received a few questions asking, “So where do I get the SBS 2008

  5. micheleh says:

    As an MCP for Licensing Delivery, I wish Microsoft would have notified the partner channel of the date the SBS 2003 SKUs were pulled from distribution.  My Microsoft TPAM was not advised and LicenseWise posted no notes or warning.  I have two customers who just approved purchase based on SBS 2003 Open Value quotes prepared 10 days ago, but MSFT pulled the skus without any warning or general announcement to the Partner channel.  In checking for the SKUs through distribution and using the Big Easy calculator and LicenseWise as of a couple of days ago, the SBS 2003 skus were still up with no warning of the new skus being released.  Now I have to re-quote at much higher prices.  I have unhappy customers!  MSFT needs to post announcements/warnings for sku discontinuations on LicenseWise for the Partner Channel.  If we cannot rely on your tools, we cannot effectively sell your product.

  6. As you are aware, SBS 2003 media and keys were distributed on physical media for all Volume Licensing