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Forget OOF. We’re talking WOOF!


Many of you are very familiar with the term “OOF” as an abbreviation for “Out Of Facility” or as used here, “Out of Office.” (For the inside scoop on how Out Of Office became OOF vs. OOO, you may find this short insight helpful.) As some of you may have noticed, things have been a little quiet from me this past week here on the Blog and in the online groups. (Even to the point of Mark speculating this morning that I left the country after winning big in Vegas).

Well, OOF doesn’t begin to explain where I have been this past week, so I thought that WOOF (Waaaaaaaaaaaay Out of Office) did a much better job of summing up the reasons for my silence. Let me explain. First, to quell the speculation by Mark, unfortunately there is no windfall of riches from a legendary winning streak in Vegas, although that would have been nice. Second, as for leaving the country, if that had been the case, I would have still been able to reach the civilized world. No, this week I was with Wade Devore and the folks from NetVision Consulting hosting the winning trip from the Partner Plunge contest.

This consisted of:

Hopping on a jet Saturday morning and flying everyone to Las Vegas to meet up as a group.  Afterwards, we all had a great dinner and went to a production of “O.”

Then first thing Sunday morning, we hopped on a much smaller plane: PartnerPlunge
Which landed at a MUCH smaller airfield:  PartnerPlunge (4) PartnerPlunge (7)
We spent the day and night Sunday in the middle of nowhere at a place called the “Bar Ten Ranch” in covered wagons: PartnerPlunge (12) PartnerPlunge (14) PartnerPlunge (2)
Then first thing Monday, we hopped on a helicopter: PartnerPlunge (5)
Which dropped us off even FURTHER in the middle of nowhere at the base of the Grand Canyon: PartnerPlunge (11)
Then the rest of the week, we spent navigating the rapids of the Colorado River on a boat and climbing the cliffs and valleys of the Grand Canyon: PartnerPlunge (8)PartnerPlunge (9)PartnerPlunge (13)   PartnerPlunge (3)
So why the silence? Let’s see: Electricity? No way. Internet access? Are you kidding??? Cell phone coverage? You’re joking, right? Running water? Plenty, but not the kind you’re thinking of: PartnerPlunge (6)

After that, we took a jet boat out of the Grand Canyon, boarded a bus, went back to Las Vegas, where we once again, boarded a jet plane and returned to civilization and home (I reached my house a little after 9:00 pm last night).

It was a fantastic week spent with a wonderful group of people from NetVision Consulting, the truly deserving winners of the Partner Plunge contest, and it was a full immersion in being “completely disconnected from the world.” If you ever get the chance to make this kind of trip, I highly recommend it. Plus, if you are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist Community (SBSC) member, you too may have another chance to win a different trip (we’ve done Hawaii and now the Grand Canyon) in this year’s contest, which we have not announced the details on yet. One thing I can tell you though is that you need to enter and participate in order to win!

Wade submitted ten (10) great case studies on behalf of NetVision in this year’s contest, two of which won him prizes (including the grand prize above).  In speaking with Wade, he was telling me all about how much writing up case studies has done for NetVision (outside of winning the contest) from a process perspective, as well as providing focus and better engagements for the company and how he now views case studies as a standard practice for NetVision moving forward to grow his business.  Wade graciously agreed to spend some time with me creating a Partnercast and writeup on the value of doing case studies for a Microsoft Partner that we will share out with the community in the near future.

Ok, now back to the real world and the catching up from all that’s happened while I was out. image

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft Senior Manager, Community Engagement
US Partner Strategy, Marketing and Programs
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