No, you do not need to purchase Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition to get OneNote

Last week in my Announcing Microsoft Office Enterprise, coming to Open Value Subscription on October 1st! post, I noted that one of the additional features included in the Office Enterprise Edition over the other Microsoft Office editions is the inclusion of Microsoft OneNote. Shortly afterwards, I received a comment inquiring as to why Microsoft would require you to purchase the Enterprise Edition of Office if you want to get OneNote instead of being able to get it with another edition, such as Office Professional Plus.

I wanted to make sure that everyone is clear that you absolutely CAN obtain OneNote for your organization without having to purchase Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition. In fact, you can purchase Microsoft Office OneNote as a standalone product or add it onto any other edition of Microsoft Office that you want to run in your business if you wish.

For instance, if you wanted to add OneNote to another edition of Microsoft Office or if you wanted to acquire it as a standalone product through the Open Value Program, here are the part numbers to do so:

  • For spread payments over 3 years: Part #: S26-01417 – OneNote Sngl Lic/SA Pack OLV NL 1YR Acq Y1
  • For up-front payment: Part #: S26-01425 – OneNote Sngl Lic/SA Pack OLV NL 3YR Acq Y1

For those of you not familiar with some of the abbreviations included in the part descriptions above, take a look at my Understanding Open Value Item descriptions and pricing – Part 1 and Understanding Open Value Item descriptions and pricing – Part 2 posts where I walk through what these mean and how to understand the spread vs. up-front payment descriptions.

If you wish to utilize the Open Value Subscription licensing program instead for your OneNote acquisition, you most certainly can. Not familiar with how to order through the Open Value Subscription Program? Take a look at my Open Value Subscription – Easy as 1-2-3 post to see just how easy it is.

To add OneNote to a Microsoft Open Value Subscription Agreement, you would use the following:

  • Part #: S26-01776 – OneNote All Lng Lic/SA Pack OLV NL 1YR Addtl Prod

Note that OneNote is an “Additional Product” through Open Value Subscription, so it would need to be added to an Open Value Subscription Agreement that already includes at least one “Enterprise Product.”

So back to the original concern/question posted by one of the readers… Yes, you most certainly can acquire Microsoft Office OneNote without having to purchase Microsoft Office Enterprise Edition and yes, Microsoft Office OneNote can be added to your company in conjunction with any other version of Microsoft Office that you choose to run in your business.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft Senior Manager, Community Engagement
US Partner Strategy, Marketing and Programs
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