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Everyone’s a winner!

In my New Microsoft Midsize Business Solutions Brochure – Another exclusive offer here on the Blog post here on the Blog last image week,  I said that I would be giving the 50 FREE Microsoft Midsize Business Solutions Brochures to the first 50 people who replied. Since that time, many people have been including things like: “I hope I’m in the top 50!” or “Did I make it in time?” etc. with their submissions.

So, just for fun, I took ALL of the entries that we had received prior to the official start of business (8:00 am PST) today and made every single one of them a winner! That’s right, if you sent in your entry prior to 8:00 am PST this morning, you will be receiving your 50 FREE Microsoft Midsize Business Solutions Brochures. (And if you remember my “The cost of inactivity and doubt” post, you know that I am prone to do things like this for those who give it a shot, “just in case”) So congratulations to all of you and I hope you enjoy the FREE Microsoft Midsize Business Solutions Brochures. By the way, I would love to hear how you use them and what impact they had on your business so we can better learn how things like this help out.

And before anyone asks, yes the $75,000 in free gas promotion is being limited to the three winners ($25,000 each) and won’t be one where we just give the prize to everyone like with the brochures.  I can guarantee you of one thing though…  If you don’t enter the $75,000 in free gas promotion, you are definitely NOT going to win.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft Senior Manager, Community Engagement
US Partner Strategy, Marketing and Programs
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