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What do you mean my customers can own their software after three years with Open Value Subscription?

Over the past few weeks including and since Worldwide Partner Conference, I have been hearing comments from some Partners stating that they would love to take advantage of the 50% off Up to date discount that Open Value Subscription provides to the clients; however, their clients want to own the software after three years, so they thought Open Value Subscription would not work. The reality is, you can take advantage of the Up to date discount of Open Value Subscription and then own the software after three years! Here is how:

If you have clients with qualifying licenses for the 50% off Up-to-date discount through Open Value Subscription, you would simply follow the 3 easy steps to process their Open Value Subscription order, being sure to order the Up-to-date discount part #s for their qualifying licenses. (I have these included in the Open Value Subscription Partner pricing and part number Cheat Sheet I created and posted for all of you).

This would get them the 50% off in year one through the Up-to-date discount and the “Get it and forget it” ability to run this software throughout their company, only having to count their PCs once per year for the first three years. At the end of the three years, if they want to own their licenses instead of subscribing to them so they have perpetual vs. non-perpetual licensing, they could simply convert their subscription licenses to perpetual licenses by acquiring the Open Value Subscription “buy-out” SKUs for the items they want to own perpetually. Again, I have these “buy-out” part #s included in the Open Value Subscription Partner pricing and part number Cheat Sheet I created and posted for all of you.

Once they purchase the buy-out SKUs, they would then own the licenses perpetually and could continue to use them for as long as they like. They also have the option to add Software Assurance onto their new perpetual licenses within 90 days of the expiration of their Open Value Subscription Agreement. They would just purchase the Software Assurance only SKUs for those licenses through Open Value. (For those of you wondering why you would use Open Value instead of Open License for the Software Assurance SKUs, it is because you should not purchase Software Assurance through Open License).

I have a bunch of Open Value Subscription resources posted for all of you to use online. Be sure to utilize both the To-customer and To-Partner resources available there. I even have the 30 and 60 second Open Value Subscription commercials posted there that you can use on your website, if you wish.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
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US Partner Strategy, Marketing and Programs
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