View Windows Vista success stories and submit your own story for possibility to win

Have you seen the new Windows Vista Experience site? This newly launched site hosts many stories from real small businesses who are benefiting from running Windows Vista on their PC’s.  This interactive site also includes the option of submitting your own story – with the possibility that your story (partner or business) may be filmed for future use on the site. Check it out today.

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Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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  1. Neil says:

    Fair enough to accent the positive, but there are some bad Vista experiences too!

    Take my situation: I’d lived in a house with Windows Media Center 2005 – it worked a treat.  I moved in with my girlfriend and set up a Media PC running Vista Ultimate.

    She loved the fact we could do all those time/place-shifting things (esp watch on the Xbox, then go to bed and continue watching the same thing on the PC)

    The problem was an asymetric approach to success & failure – she liked the features say 5 out of 10, whereas she hated the failures -10 out of -10 (like when it froze unexpectedly or failed to record a single show from a series).  Now any experienced PC user would be completely unfazed by a lot of the failures that could be worked around (e.g. re-boot it) but it drove her nuts.  It was the ONLY thing we used to argue seriously about… (odd but true!)

    Anyway, we no longer live together.  However I don’t blame Vista for that!!