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Yes, that’s included. Plus answers to many more questions.

Ever since the debut of the Microsoft Small Business Specialist branded car last week at the NASCAR race in Dover, DE, I have been receiving several questions and requests for information regarding various aspects of the sponsorship opportunity available to Microsoft Partners through this. As such, I thought I would post several of the questions and answers here for all of you.

One of the top questions I have received is, “As a sponsor, will we get an image of our logo on the SBSC car that ran in the race last week included in the image suite we get?” (In fact, we’ve already received calls from fans asking for pictures of the car and SBSC NASCAR hats and shirts since the race) The answer to this question is, “Yes, you will receive an image of your logo on the Microsoft SBSC car.” In fact, your logo will be placed directly behind the 00 on the door, which is just to the side of the SBSC logo on the car. Below is an image showing where these are:

image image

Question #2: “Is Michael Waltrip really going to record one of the on-hold messages for my company?” The answer is, “Yes, he is.” The on-hold message recorded by Michael Waltrip will be recorded by him personally and will reference that by calling a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, they can expect the best service available.

Question #3: “Is the $3,995 price for SBSC Partners per race?” The answer is, “No, the $3,995 price is a one-time fee and that gets you all of the benefits of the sponsorship package for the remainder of 2008.” There are no additional fees, monthly charges, per race fees, etc. It is all included in the $3,995 price.

Question #4: “For the free race tickets, can I choose any race I want to go to?” Yes, you can choose any race you want to go to, assuming there are still tickets available, and your ticket price (up to $150 for 2 tickets) will be refunded to you because you are a participating sponsor.

Question #5: “Can we print up our own T-shirts, hats, mousepads (like the ones we produced), etc. with the images we receive to advertise ourselves as a NASCAR team sponsor to our clients and prospects in conjunction with Microsoft?” Yes, you can use all of the images and logos you receive for advertising, merchandise, etc. In fact, you can even wrap your vehicles with these items if you wanted to. (Ironically, a company here offered to wrap my car like the Microsoft SBSC car that ran last week) The one thing you cannot use though is the NASCAR and Sprint Cup logo and brand since NASCAR holds those very closely. You can definitely list and promote your company as an “Official Sponsor of Michael Waltrip Racing,” or, “Official Sponsor of NASCAR Sprint Cup Team #00” as those are acceptable. What you cannot state is something like, “Official NASCAR sponsor,” since you are not technically a NASCAR sponsor, you are a NASCAR Team sponsor.

Question #6: “Do we have to choose between getting the Michael Waltrip Racing Show Car or the Microsoft Truck if we win the Show Car & Truck Sweepstakes?” No, you actually get BOTH for your event. We’ll send one of the Michael Waltrip Show Cars AND the Microsoft Across America Truck to your location for a full day event at your business.

Again, full details on the sponsorship program available to you are available at the site, including the sign up page for those of you wishing to take advantage of this offer.  Also, you can ask any additional sponsorship questions at: 888-252-9450, or drop us an email.

Finally, based on many requests, here are a few of the pictures from the race this past week of the Microsoft SBSC car in action:

image image image
image image image

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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