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If software assurance expires on SBS 2003, will the client lose the right to Cold Backup for Disaster Recovery?

Earlier today, a Partner asked this question regarding the Cold Backup for Disaster Recovery benefits you receive when you have Software Assurance on your Microsoft Server and Server CAL products. I thought I would post the answer here for the broader Partner channel in case any of you have wondered this as well.

If you look in the Microsoft Product Use Rights Document (the document that outlines your licensing rights through Volume Licensing), you will see the Software Assurance benefits section towards the end (pg. 84). Inside the first paragraph you will see the following statement:

“Except as noted below, these benefits expire when your Software Assurance coverage ends.”

If you scrolled down to the “Cold” Disaster Recovery Rights” section, you would notice that there is no exception noted for “Cold” Disaster Recovery Rights,” which means that yes, your “Cold” Disaster Recovery Rights” do expire if you let your Software Assurance expire on your servers. This means that you no longer have “Cold” Disaster Recovery Rights” and would be required to purchase server licenses to replace those you received through your Software Assurance rights if you wanted to continue to use them.

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