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Upgrade a 10 PC company to Office Professional Plus 2007 and SBS 2003 for $209.00*! Don’t believe me? Take a look…

I know it sounds hard to believe, but it is true. You can upgrade a 10 PC company to Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 in addition to SBS 2003 Standard for just $159.00* first year payment. Here is how:

Since we are talking about upgrading, I am assuming we are talking about a 10 PC company with Office Pro 2003 on their PCs today (OEM, Retail, VL, etc.) and SBS 2000 CALs today (Don’t worry.  If they don’t have these, I cover that below as well). Because they have Office 2003 Professional licenses as well as SBS 2000 CALs today, they qualify for the Up-to-date discount through Open Value Subscription for both of these. So, your order would be for:

  • Qty. (10) Part #269-09697 – Office Professional Plus 1 Year Up-To-Date Discount through Open Value Subscription – $90 ERP Each
  • Qty. (10) Part # T74-02844 – SBS User CAL 1 Year Up-To-Date Discount through Open Value Subscription (Use Part # T74-02840 if you want Device CALs instead) – $15 ERP Each
  • Qty. (1) Part # T72-01301 – SBS Standard Server 1 Year through Open Value Subscription – $229 ERP Each

If you add those up: $900 (10 X $90) + $150 (10 X $15) + $229 = $1,279.00 is the total year 1 cost for this solution. Yes, that is more than $209.00, I know. Remember what I keep telling you though… Be sure to use as many promotions together as you can. So, be sure to head out to the Big Easy Rebate calculator and get your clients their Big Easy Partner Subsidy check to get money back from Microsoft! If you plug the above quantities into the calculator and choose Open Value Subscription as the purchase method, you will see that this client qualifies for a $1,070.00 Partner subsidy check based on this purchase.

So, if you take the first year price ($1,279.00) and subtract the Big Easy Rebate check amount we will send them once they redeem ($1,070.00), you will see that total cash out of pocket for this order is $209.00 in the first year through Open Value Subscription to get all 10 PCs upgraded to Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 as well as getting them SBS 2003 Standard Server and 10 SBS 2003 CALs and all of these items come with all of the Microsoft Software Assurance benefits including: Upgrade protection (SBS 2008 anyone?), Microsoft Office Home Use Program, Employee Purchase Program, eLearning Courses, etc.

In addition, remember that you as the one selling this solution to your client through Open Value Subscription can also claim even more money from Microsoft through the Open Value Subscription Sales Spiff and the Open Value VAR Rebate! So, be sure that you claim those as well.

If your client does not have Microsoft Office Professional 2003 licenses on all of their PCs today or they do not have SBS 2000/2003 CALs on all of their PCs today, remember that you can mix and match the Up-To-Date Discount part #s and non-Up-To-Date Discount part #s and still process the order and claim the Big Easy Rebate dollars listed above. The first year Part #s and ERP prices for Office Professional Plus and SBS CALs without the Up-To-Date Discount are:

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus non-UTD – Part # 269-09696 – ERP: $179.00
  • SBS CAL non-UTD – Part # T74-02681 (User CAL) or T74-02617 (Device CAL) – ERP: $30.00

This means that even if your client has no Microsoft Office Professional 2003/2007 licenses and no SBS Server license and no SBS CALs today, they could still get Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 and SBS CALs for all 10 PCs as well as an SBS 2003 Standard Server license, all with full Software Assurance benefits as listed above for just $1,249 year one ERP through Open Value Subscription. If you add the costs: $1,790 (10 X $179 + $300 (10 X $30) + $229 = $2,319.00 is the total year 1 cost for this solution. Subtract out the $1,070 Big Easy Partner Subsidy amount and you are left with: $1,249 year one ERP for this solution. That’s about $100 per month, for those who track it that way, to go from owning nothing to the entire SBS + Office Professional Plus solution company-wide with upgrade protection, Office Home Use Program, eLearning courses, Employee purchase program, etc.

Remember that you can download the Open Value Subscription Partner pricing and part number Cheat Sheet directly from my earlier post on the Blog.

* First year payment calculations are based on estimated retail prices. Reseller prices may vary.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights

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