Do not refer clients to Microsoft fulfillment center for free Open License media

There have been numerous reports of clients being referred to the Microsoft Fulfillment Center toll-free number to request “free” Open license media. I’m not sure where the idea came from that there is free media available from the Microsoft Fulfillment Center since it has never had it; however, it is apparently being conveyed to customers by resellers on a number of occasions.

First, Open License customers are encouraged to download their software bits directly from the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Center online. Media can also be ordered directly from that site as well. In the event they require 10 or more sets of media for some reason, or if they experience a problem ordering media from the VLSC site directly, then you could call the Microsoft Fulfillment Center and order the media at a per unit price.

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Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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  1. Beth Fenton says:

    Just to let you know… this information is coming directly from the partner resource desk.  See below a direct quote from an email when I opened a ticket regarding this issue.

    "To follow up to the voicemail I let you I was able to contact the Regional Operations Center regarding your questions with CRM 4.0 being sent out.  John at the ROC was able to tell me that if the media is through a 3rd party company you would need to call over to the World Wide Fulfillment Center to request the media at 1-800-248-0655."

    Maybe the Partner Resource Desk should be better trained in what to tell the partners and where to direct them.  

    Beth Fenton

    Eskel Porter Consulting, Inc.

    (916) 492-1212 ext. 229