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How Microsoft Licensing creates Partner Services Opportunities – Hear from your peers

For several years now, I have been talking with Partners from all across the country and the world through webcasts, in-person  image seminars, emails, user groups, Blog posts, etc. about the importance of helping your clients understand why it is important how they acquire their Microsoft technology and what doors Microsoft Volume Licensing can open for them. In addition, Microsoft Volume Licensing also opens many doors and opportunities for expanded Partner services engagements and deployments for all of you.

Since that time, many Partners have begun using Microsoft Volume Licensing to do just this and have been having great success with their clients not only in the short term, but also for years to come. Some of you attended the Small Business Symposium last year where I held a session with two SBSC Partners, John Nicolau of VantagePoint Partners and Vince Tinnirello of Anchor Network Solutions, where they shared what helping their clients choose the right licensing programs has done not only for their relationships with their clients, but also for growing their services businesses and revenue as well.

Now is your chance to hear directly from one of your peers, John Nicolau of VantagePoint Partners, an SBSC Partner located in Illinois, on what Microsoft Volume Licensing has done for his business and that of his clients and how it has grown their services opportunities and revenue because of it. I spoke with John the week before last and in this Microsoft Partnercast (WMA or MP3), you can hear directly from him on how you too can take advantage of this opportunity with your clients and what a difference it can make for you and your business.

Also, remember to take advantage of all of the items we have available to you to help you with your Microsoft engagements such as: the Big Easy Promotion, Open Value Subscription, the Up-to-date discount, Microsoft Financing, the Open Value Subscription Spiff, the Open Value VAR Rebate, and more…

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Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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