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It’s Baaaaack! The Microsoft Open Value VAR Rebate returns!

Some of you may remember the Open Value VAR Rebate that ended at the end of our last fiscal year. Since the time we retired last year’s program, we have heard your comments and feedback about what you liked about the program and how you used it with your clients to help drive more business. Well, the NEW Open Value VAR Rebate (For U.S. based resellers and Partners) is coming and it is bigger and better than before!

Let’s take a look at some of the similarities and differences between this new Open Value VAR Rebate and the one from last year:

  • Last year’s program included all items offered through the Open Value Program. This year’s program not only covers all items offered through the Open Value Program, it also includes all items offered through the new Open Value Subscription Program!
  • Last year’s program offered a flat % back to VARs for all items. This year’s program will offer varying rebate amounts, up to 30% rebates! A detailed list of rebate amounts per product will be posted to the Partner Portal site HERE in the near future. (Ignore the “10% Partner Rebate Program for Microsoft Open Value” information that is showing there now as that is still last year’s information and I’m bringing this to you before it is even posted to the site!)
  • For both programs, the % rebate is calculated against the Estimated Retail Prices (ERP), so it has nothing to do with your final sales price. For instance, if you give your client a discount off ERP when you sell it, your rebate check is still calculated at the up to 30% of the full Estimated Retail Price of the product, not your lower sales price.
  • Just like last year’s program, the rebate is available only to those VARs who transact the Open Value sale. So, if you tell your client to go purchase through someone else, you will not get the rebate check.
  • The rebate check through this year’s program will be a single, lump sum check issued after the conclusion of the rebate program period (program slated to end June 27, 2008). Approximate date of check will be August 15, 2008 for sales submitted to Microsoft between February 23, 2008 and June 27, 2008.
  • To participate, you will opt-in to the program like last year. Here are the steps you will need to follow once the final information is posted to the Partner site:
    • Partner must opt in to this program to receive rebate check(s) prior to July 28, 2008.
    • Partner may opt in at any time prior to July 18, 2008 by going HERE (NOTE: Site may not be live yet as I am posting this for you before the program is even out. Please keep checking back if it is not live yet)
    • Each partner will need to opt in only one time for the duration of this rebate program.
    • Within 24 hours of opting in, partner will receive a confirmation email with a confirmation ID. Please print and keep this email for your reference.
    • Partners who signed up for other Microsoft rebate programs that want to participate in this rebate program must still opt in to this program.
  • This year’s rebate program will be offering the rebate on the Year 1 orders only. Second and third year billings do NOT qualify for this rebate program.
  • And one of the biggest differences…  This year’s program is going on NOW and last year’s program is over!  In case you didn’t catch it above, even though the opt-in page is not up yet, we are making all Open Value and Open Value Subscription sales made from February 23, 2008 on eligible for this rebate!  So don’t wait on your orders for this rebate.  Your sales today will be included in your rebate check once you opt-in.

Yes, you can combine this offer with all of the other offers out there! So as an example, you can sell your client Office Professional through Open Value Subscription, use the Up-to-date discount if they qualify, then submit for the Big Easy Partner Subsidy to get Office Professional Plus for $5 ERP first year payment as stated in my prior Blog post. Also, you could then claim your $100 Open Value Subscription sales spiff and if you opt into this new Open Value VAR Rebate program, you would also receive a check back for this sale based on the full ERP of Office Professional Plus through Open Value Subscription! Plus, don’t forget that you can include Microsoft Financing as well if you are selling your clients hardware and services as well and want to get them three years of spread payments on the whole deal and you’ll get your money for the whole deal in about 72 hours!

So, is that a long enough list of promotions, spiffs, rebates, incentives, offers, etc. to help you with your Open Value & Open Value Subscription sales this year?  🙂

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights

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