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Open Value Subscription now added to the Big Easy promotion

Back on February 1st, the Big Easy promotion went into effect, offering Partner subsidy rebate checks to customers who purchase Microsoft software between February 1, 2008 and June 27, 2008.  Since the announcement of Open Value Subscription, I have been saying that Open Value Subscription will be added to the Big Easy promotion once it launches in March.  Well, we now have both in effect.

During the afternoon/evening yesterday, the new Big Easy subsidy schedule and calculator went online with the inclusion of the Open Value Subscription items in them.  This means you can now go to the Big Easy site and calculate what the subsidy check amounts would be for various purchases through Open Value Subscription as well as view the entire subsidy schedule showing what the subsidy amounts are for all of the Open Value Subscription items.  Plus, you will notice that we also included the Up-to-date Open Value Subscription items in the subsidies, so you can take advantage of both when talking with your clients.  And if you haven’t seen the amounts yet, you REALLY need to take a look.  I think you will be quite surprised and I’ll be posting about some of them throughout the month.

So, head over to the Big Easy page on Microsoft Incentives and check out the calculator and schedule for subsidies and see how you can use these to help your clients get more for less with the new Open Value Subscription program.

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