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Windows Small Business Server (SBS) CALs for only 4¢* per day! Just 63¢* more per day will get you the SBS Server license as well.

Yes, you read that right! Starting in less than one week, you can get Microsoft Windows Small Business Server Client Access Licenses (CALs) for as little as 4¢* per day through the new Microsoft Open Value Subscription program. Plus, you can add a Microsoft Small Business Server Standard license to your Microsoft Open Value Subscription Agreement for just 63¢* more per day if you don’t already have an SBS Server license. Want SBS Premium instead of Standard? No problem. Instead of an additional 63¢* more per day, it would be an additional $1.36 per day. Keep in mind, not only will you get your SBS CALs and SBS Server for this price, this also includes upgrade protection. This means that if a new version comes out during your agreement, you will get rights to that new version included in this price!  If only there were an SBS Server launch coming up in the near future…  Oh, wait.  There is!  🙂

NOTE: The 4¢* per day SBS CAL price listed above is for those with existing SBS 2000 or SBS 2003 CALs through the Up-to-date discount offered through Open Value Subscription; however, in the event you don’t already have SBS CALs, your price goes to just 8¢* per day through the new Microsoft Open Value Subscription program. The 63¢* and $1.36 per day prices for the SBS Server Standard and SBS Server Premium licenses through the Microsoft Open Value Subscription program do not require you to have any prior version to receive these prices.

So let’s do some quick math here… Let’s say you have a company with 25 PCs and you are looking to move to Microsoft Small Business Server Standard. Just for kicks, let’s say you do not own any prior version of SBS CALs at this time. This means that you could be licensed to run SBS Server 2003 R2 Standard with an SBS CAL for all 25 PCs in the company for $2.63* per day (25 PCs X 8¢* per PC = $2.00. $2.00 + the 63¢* for the SBS Server Std. = $2.63* per day) And this is at full Estimated Retail pricing. You could choose to go with SBS Server Premium instead and your daily cost would be $3.36* per day instead of the $2.63* per day!

Remember that an initial Open Value Subscription order must be company-wide for at least one Enterprise product.  SBS CALs are an Enterprise product, so you would have to purchase one per computer on your order.  In the example above, it is the Qty. 25 that was shown.

Imagine having all of the capabilities that Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 provides to a business for just $2.63* per day! As of next week, imagine no more…

If you are a Microsoft Partner and want to learn more about the new Microsoft Open Value Subscription Program, be sure to check out one of my February 28th, “Partner Introduction to the New Open Value Subscription Program” Live Meeting session I am presenting before the launch next week.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
This posting is provided “AS IS” with no warranties, and confers no rights

* Note: Prices listed are Estimated Retail Prices (ERP). Resellers set final price, so contact your reseller for actual pricing. As noted above, Open Value Subscription is billed annually. 4¢ per day price is first year payment for qualifying licenses. Annual price afterwards is ~8¢ per day ERP.

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