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Is the process the same to get 64-bit Windows Vista media for OEM as it is for Retail?

Since my “Help! I got the 32-bit version of Windows Vista and I needed the 64-bit version. Now what?!” post on Monday that explained the process to obtain the 64-bit media in the event you inadvertently purchased the 32-bit Retail Box version of Windows Vista, I have received some follow-up emails asking if the process is the same for the OEM version of Windows Vista. Here is the answer to that question:

Remember that anytime you purchase OEM software, your agreement is with your system builder since they are the ones responsible for all support of that OEM software on your PC. As such, the Windows Vista alternate media program that I referred to in my post on Monday applies specifically to versions of Windows Vista that were purchased in the retail channel, not the OEM channel.  If a customer has obtained Windows Vista pre-loaded or through an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or system builder channel, they should consult with their OEM System Builder to acquire the 64-bit media for those licenses.

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