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Yes, the SBS Partner subsidy is ending January 31st as well

After my, “Only 23 days left to the Office Partner Subsidy Promotion!” post yesterday, I started receiving inquiries about whether or not the SBS Partner Subsidy that we announced at the same time as the Office Partner subsidy was ending at the end of January as well. The answer to that question is, “Yes, the SBS Partner Subsidy is ending then as well.”

So, if you are looking to take advantage of the SBS Promotion for your clients, and remember that the SBS Partner Subsidy promotion was expanded back in October, now is the time to do so! Remember that we do have the To-customer flyer available for SBS Partner Services Rebate that you can use and if your clients are looking at Office as well, you can combine the offers for some big rebates like we talked about in the, “Microsoft funds first day deployment costs of new SBS Premium + SBDA purchases!” post.

You may also want to head out to the Microsoft Incentives site to take a look at all of the promotions ending January 31st to make sure you didn’t miss any. For those of you who attended the, “Q3 Microsoft Incentives and Promotions” Live Meeting session yesterday, you got to hear about the promotions we are rolling out February 1st that you can look forward to using. If you missed it, yesterday’s session is now available on-demand for viewing and there is another live session tomorrow. Links to both sessions are included in my, “Join us to hear all about the Q3 Microsoft Incentives and Promotions” post.

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