What is going to be in "Cougar?"

There have been a few questions floating around about “Cougar,” the next version of Windows Small Business Server, and what it will include and be based on.  I thought I would post some of the information that is publicly available to help address some of these questions:

  • Based on the Windows Server 2008 platform and technology wave

  • Cougar will include these technologies:

    • Windows Server 2008

    • Exchange Server 2007

    • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

    • SQL Server 2005

    • System Center Essentials

  • Dramatically improved management, protection, and business productivity

  • Emphasis on simplicity and integration

  • Providing value for new and existing partners

  • Embracing Live Services

  • 64-bit only

I saw the “Is Cougar 64-bit only?” question come up earlier today, so I wanted to be sure to call that one out.  Ever since we announced Exchange Server 2007 would be 64-bit only and that Cougar would include Exchange Server 2007, that was a pretty clear indicator of what the answer to the 64-bit question would be.  :-)

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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Comments (18)

  1. SQL 2005 WGE 64bit says:

    Right now, SQL 2005 WGE is not 64bit.  Will the "Cougar" version change to 64bit?

  2. mssmallbiz says:

    @ SQL 2005 – There have not been any announcements to date on which Edition of SQL will be included in Cougar outside of the information posted above: SQL Server 2005.

  3. There is an interesting post over at blogs.msdn.com

  4. anonymous says:

    Even the Wikipedia article at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Small_Business_Server is more clear than MS marketing speak. Cmon MS, this is a blog.

  5. I thought I would repost this as it is a very often asked question. Eric who posted this has said as

  6. wqwalter says:

    I think it is great that Cougar is going to be 64 bit. Is Microsoft going to provide a quick and easy to follow backup and restore procedure to archive an existing SBS2003 32 bit system running on 64 bit hardware so it can be build up as a 64 bit Cougar system and the existing inforation including Exchange history, Companyweb content, and active directory for small businesses that only have one server, but have paid Software Assurance to get Cougar?

  7. The next version of Windows Small Business Server is code named 'Cougar' and will contain System

  8. Luke says:

    So does this mean to use sbs even in a training centre, they will have to upgrade machines to 64 bit ?? I know that exchange 2007 comes in a 32 bit version for training and development, will there be a similar sbs version ??

  9. mssmallbiz says:

    @ Luke – SBS "Cougar" will be 64-bit only.

  10. So I was reading what Charles Van Heusen has had to say about the up coming Windows Small Business Server