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Did you know you can offer Select and Enterprise Agreements to your larger clients too?

So I’m currently back in Chicago yesterday and today as part of a two day seminar presenting to a group of around 50 Partners from all across the United States on, yes you guessed it, licensing.  But here’s the catch that prompted me to post this.  The focus of this seminar is all about how resellers and Partners of all sizes that have clients in the Medium Business to Enterprise space can be offering their clients the right licensing solution for them, including the Select and Enterprise Agreements.  Many smaller Partners were not aware of this opportunity.

Now I know many of you are thinking, “Those must be huge customers you’re talking about.”  To put it in perspective, once you hit around 150 PCs, the Select and Enterprise Agreements start to become very relevant.  The catch here is, Select and Enterprise Agreements can only be sold by Large Account Resellers (LARs).  So how does this pertain to you?

Well, if you also serve larger clients in addition to your smaller ones (and many of the attendees here at this conference do just that), then you might want to look at partnering for this.  Think about if you are an infrastructure company and your client want Microsoft Dynamics solutions for their business.  What do you do?  Instead of just walking away or trying to build an entire Microsoft Dynamics practice, you could partner with a Microsoft Dynamics Partner and bring an entire solution to your client.  It works the same way for licensing.

Did you know that by partnering with a Large Account Reseller (programs will vary by LAR), that you can offer the Select and EA to your client just like the partnering with a Dynamics Partner to offer that solution?  One way to do so is through the Microsoft US Partner Influence Program to get recognized for your influence in the deal.  The other way is to participate in a program like the “VAR Assist” program where not only do you get influence credit but you also earn revenue from every deal you close through Select and EA.  This can be tens of thousands of dollars direct to you based on the size of the deals.  In addition to that, you get the licensing assistance of licensing professionals to help you configure and close the deal. 

So if you have been walking away from these types of opportunities in the past because you thought you couldn’t offer the licensing, you may want to consider partnering with a LAR and expanding these offerings to your portfolio and your bottom line.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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