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My last day at Microsoft Headquarters in Redmond

If someone would have told me years or even months ago that today I would be sitting here at my desk in Redmond surrounded by boxes being packed and taking down pictures from my wall, knowing that this was my last day coming to work here on the Redmond campus for Microsoft, I would have told them, “No way.” Yet as I ponder that thought and type this post, that is exactly where I find myself.

It seems hard to believe that the route I have driven almost every morning now for several years to One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA will no longer be the path I follow. I’m sure there will be a few early mornings where I start driving and will catch myself part way through the trip saying, “$%(&(%*&! Did it again!” Then turning around to get on the new route. What new route is that you ask?

Starting on Monday, you can find me at the brand new Microsoft North American Sales Headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. Some of you may recall the announcement we made earlier in the year that our North American Sales Headquarters would be making the move to the new facility in Bellevue and the time has come. In fact, the first several floors of the building I am currently in made the move over the past month and our team is the final phase in this transition. For those who have visited me in the past, I hope you are not afraid of heights if you come back, because instead of being on the 4th floor like I am now, you will find me on the 27th floor down in Bellevue.  But it is a much better view now…

So just to set the record straight, no, I am not leaving Microsoft and no, I am not changing roles. I am merely changing locations along with the entire Microsoft North American Sales Team and look forward to continuing to work with all of you for a long time to come. 🙂

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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