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If you see someone trying to sell "AE" software to businesses, RUN!

A Partner forwarded me an email earlier showing a website offering Microsoft Office “AE” Edition: (Click image for larger size) The “AE” stands for Academic Edition, and unlike what they state in the image (circled in red), there are special requirements on who can purchase it and who can use it.  If you look at… Read more

This is the same Microsoft, right???

Sometimes you just have to sit back and ask yourself, “Now how does that happen?”  Often times, those are times when you have to laugh to yourself about how the basics just sometimes get overlooked.  This morning was one of those times and I caught myself asking, “So the Microsoft you work for is the… Read more

Get 15% off when consolidating into Open Value

Do you have customers with multiple Open Business Agreements coming up for Software Assurance renewal?  Want to make their lives easier by having only one agreement instead of multiple and get them the benefits of the Open Value program instead of the limitations of SA through Open Business?  Well, now you can and you can… Read more

Offer from D&H for SBSC Partners

If you are looking for a Microsoft licensing distributor and your company is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, D&H has an offer that you may want to consider.  They are offering a D&H credit of up to $200 on your first Microsoft Licensing order from them.  This offer runs through December 31, 2007, so be… Read more

Side-effects of being a System Builder

Now I know I have been told that sometimes I don’t quite follow the beaten path…  You know what they say, “Old habits die hard.”  Being a former system builder myself, I can say that habit remains the case.  Quite often when someone sees my desk here at the office for the first time, generally… Read more

Windows Server Promotion now available for single server purchase

In case you did not notice this on the Microsoft Incentives website, the minimum number of Windows Server Licenses + Software Assurance required to qualify for the Partner subsidy dollars was lowered from three (3) to one (1) recently.  This means that for any of your clients who are either adding a Windows Server to… Read more

What is going to be in "Cougar?"

There have been a few questions floating around about “Cougar,” the next version of Windows Small Business Server, and what it will include and be based on.  I thought I would post some of the information that is publicly available to help address some of these questions: Based on the Windows Server 2008 platform and… Read more

If I added Software Assurance to my OEM Office Professional 2003, what do I have rights to?

With the release of Microsoft Office 2007, some of the Editions of Office were enhanced or updated to include additional items or technologies, such as Office Professional Plus (offered through Volume Licensing), which includes Microsoft Office InfoPath® 2007 and Microsoft Office Communicator 2007.  Because of this, the differences between the editions offered through OEM, Retail… Read more

If you are a local system builder, be sure to check out the "Buy Local" promotions running now

For those of you who are local system builders, you may recall the original “Buy Local” campaign we kicked off back in 2005.  Well, the System Builder Team just launched the latest “Buy Local” campaign to help local system builders who build their PCs with Genuine Microsoft software purchased through Authorized OEM Distributors.  So if… Read more

A few Partner resources for Windows Server 2008 on MS Readiness

With the upcoming launch of Windows Server 2008, I thought I would remind you about the resources available to you through MS Readiness that you can utilize, including these examples: Windows Server 2008 Partner Preparation Windows Server 2008 Technical Overview, Part 1 of 2 Windows Server 2008 Technical Overview, Part 2 of 2 Windows Server… Read more