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SBSCs able to show the 2008 Small Business Summit on their websites? Just announced at SMB Nation.

Here’s another breaking announcement for the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Partners out there.  As you know, we hosted the second annual Microsoft Small Business Summit this past spring and reached tens of thousands of viewers from all over.  This past Summit, we included video feeds and made them available on the Microsoft Small Business Center so people could view them right from their browser.  Imagine if you could have the streaming video for next spring’s Small Business Summit streaming to your website so your customers could watch the Summit from your website…  Think that would help convey the point that Microsoft Small Business Specialists have a strong partnership with Microsoft?

I just showed screenshots of four Microsoft Small Business Specialist’s websites with a mock-up of what this would look like to have the Summit included there.  The really nice part, it is only a couple lines of code to include for you.  We’ll be releasing further information around this as we get closer to the 2008 Microsoft Small Business Summit; however, we wanted to let our Microsoft Small Business Specialists know about this idea we are working on for you around the Small Business Summit.  If you are interested in pursuing something like this for your website and you are a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, let me know since I am sure our Web Team would like to know what kind of interest there is out there for this.

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