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Office Small Business and Office Standard side by side comparisons for OEM, Retail, and Volume License. Download yours today.

OffSBRedGrn OffStdRedGrn Since my, “Office Pro side by side comparison for OEM, Retail, and Volume License. Download yours today” post the other day, I have been receiving a bunch of great feedback on the document.  As such, I wanted to let you know that two more editions have been posted. 

Just like the Office Pro version, these two are both designed to address the comments made that while there are websites with charts that show the different programs included in Office, there was no document that Partners could use to quickly point out the license type differences (OEM, Retail, and Volume License) that they could use. 

Well, now you have three. There is the Office Professional one from the other day and now there are the Office Small Business and the Office Standard versions as well.  These “Red/Green” charts for Office Small Business and Office Standard 2007 include the Part #s for the various license types, including the up-front and the spread payments options for Open Value.

Also, remember that you can use the up-front payment SKUs with Microsoft Financing and then you get your money (full three year amount) within days while your clients still get the benefit of spread payments.  Plus you can add any costs for the hardware or your services associated with this project to the financing deal so you get that money up-front and your client can finance those over three years as well.  Remember to take advantage of the current Smart Pay option available now from Microsoft Financing that gives your clients the options of what they want their monthly payments to be for the first 12 months ($50 – $1,500).

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