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Common questions being asked since SBSC Partners recognized at location level

Since we made the switch to recognizing SBSC Partners on a location basis, there have been some common questions we have been receiving.  To help address some of these, here is a collection of some of the most common questions and their answers:

Q.)  I was enrolled last year in SBSC why am I not enrolled this year?

A.)  1. Someone that was meeting one of the requirements is no longer associated to the profile.

       2. No longer active in the Microsoft partner program.

       3. The testing is no longer valid (future possibility)


Q.) Where do I find what I need to be enrolled in SBSC?


A.) Ready, Set, Go. You can also find it by going to, and then under the program membership tab, small business partners, become a small business specialist. There is a set of three columns there talk about the SBSC in detail. A step by step guide can be found at number 5 in column one.


Q.) I already took the sales and marketing assessment why is it not showing up


A.) Due to recent updates partners who have taken the sales and marketing assessment may not have logged out of the assessment correctly when finished. If this is the case you will need to retake the assessment.


Q.) What does it mean when my MCP is unlinked?


A.) The MCP has not yet authorized use of the asset by the organization and will need to update there individual profile.


Q.) I have more than one qualified engineer, how do I move him to another location?


A.) You need to visit the Partner Membership Center, log in then view the Manage my MCPs. Once there select the radio button beside the MCP you would like to move select the move MCP from the button on lower right side of page and select the location that you want him moved  to and select ok.


Q.) Why is it that all my locations were enrolled and now only one location is?


A.) Due to recent updates in the partner program we are only recognizing the status by location, so each location will need to meet the requirements in order to be recognized.


Q.) What are all the requirements to become enrolled in SBSC?


A.)1. Company being active in the Microsoft Partner Program

     2.) Passing our Sales and Marketing Assessment

     3.) Company Active in our Action Pack subscription

     4.) Passing one of the following technical exams- 70-282, 70-631, 74-134.


Q.) How long is my membership in SBSC active?


A.) As long as your company meets the requirements, stays active and the designation is still recognized in the Microsoft Partner Program.


Q.) Is there a cost affiliated with enrolling in SBSC?


A.) No there is no cost for enrollment; only expensive occurred with the technical exam and subscription in action pack.


Q.) How do I link my MCP ID with a location?


A.) You must first have an MCP ID entered in your individual profile. In your profile in the Microsoft partner program go to administration menu and go to your individual account page and select MCP and certifications tab. In change MCP association field click the up and down arrows to select location and confirm association button. From the confirmation dialog click ok to proceed with the move of your MCP ID.


Q.) Why become a Microsoft small business specialist?


A.) If your company specializes in the design, deployment and customization of small business solutions using Microsoft technology, you can gain special recognition and benefits by enrolling in the Small business specialist community.


Q.) Why do small businesses value the Microsoft small business specialist designation?


A.)  When companies work with Microsoft small business specialists, they express confidence that they have chosen a resource with the right training and commitment to help meet their technology challenges.


Q.) How long will it take to get certified as a small business specialist?


A.) The total length of time for certification will depend on how long it takes you to learn about designated new technologies and to pass the required exam(s).


Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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