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Who’s my PAL? And why haven’t I heard about this?

There has been a considerable amount of discussion taking place around the SBSC PAL Initiative that was announced at the Small Business Symposium and Worldwide Partner Conference.  The questions floating around now are things like:

          Why was there not a general announcement sent to all SBSCs?

          Why is there not a page showing them?

          How do I find out who they are?

          Etc. Etc.

The SBSC PALs Initiative just launched and with the Small Business Symposium and WPC taking place in July, it was great opportunity to let the SBSC Partners who joined us at our largest annual collection of SBSC and Partners in the World know about this initiative.  The formal announcements, sites, etc. were not developed at this time but since WPC and Small Business Symposium are designed to be places where you can find out not only what is going on now but what is also coming, we shared it as something that is new and you could look forward to.

If you are one of those people who has said, “Where is the formal announcement and why haven’t we seen it,” here is your answer directly from the Worldwide SBSC Team:

“We launched the 2008 PALs initiative at the SB Symposium and WPC but are working on a communications plan to all SBSCs now which includes a global PALs portal page and newsletter blurbs too which you certainly can leverage on your US sites.  All of the previous is expected to drop in early September.”

So keep your eyes out for the formal information in September.  Also, please keep in mind that having access to information about things coming and in their infancy means not having all of the “formal” wrapping included.  If you want to wait for the “formal” wrapping to hear about something, then remember to not come back then and say, “Why didn’t we hear about this earlier instead of having to wait until it is fully baked and out the door?”  (And believe me, we get a lot of that as well).

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Small Business Community Engagement

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