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Give your input and feedback on the Volume License Lifecycle and questions or resources you have and need.

Here is your chance to provide direct input, so be sure to take it if you have something to ask or contribute.  As you think about the Volume Licensing lifecycle as a Partner, there is the:

1.     Presale – Time before the sale when you are talking with your clients about their needs and wants, discussing purchase options, etc.

2.     Post-sale – Time after the sale when you are helping your clients activate their Software Assurance Benefits (if they chose Software Assurance), access their license agreements online, helping them with their annual order processing (for those that chose the spread payments option), etc.

3.     Renewal – Time at the end of their Agreement when you are talking with them about how to renew their Software Assurance benefits to continue to receive them moving forward, etc.

As you think about what resources you use and questions you have during each of those stages, what are they?  What questions or resources would help you be more successful in helping you during each of those stages?  What resources have you found that you think other Partners should be aware of and using or that you think Microsoft needs to make more highly visible so that others can use them?

The latest Small Business Desktop Advantage and Volume Licensing Sales Kit was designed to try and provide many of the items I had heard from Partners already to assist in the process; however, there are more questions, needs, and resources that Partners have and are looking for, so I am providing you an avenue to let us know what those are.  I have posted an Online Survey through which you can send us your questions, resource suggestions, and resources you think would be most beneficial to you throughout the Volume Licensing Lifecycle with your clients.

Here are my asks of you:

1.     Do you have input or feedback to submit?  If so, go to the Online Survey and send it in.

2.     Are you a User Group lead?  If so, please send your members to this Blog post to read my request for their input and get them to submit.

3.     Are you a Blog author with Partners as readers?  If so, would you mind Blogging about this and sending your members to this Blog post to read my request so they can see what I am asking for and can submit their input and feedback?

4.     If you have input or feedback and choose not to submit it to us, don’t complain later that “Microsoft never listens,” etc.

NOTE:  This is not a tech support survey.  This is an avenue to hear from you what resources and information would be most helpful to you throughout the Open Lifecycle. 

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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