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Missing your SBSC Badge? Look in your location…

Recently there have been a few messages from some SBSC Partners stating that when they look at their Membership page on the Partner site, their SBSC logo was missing.  This led to questions about why this is, is it a bug in the system, etc.  The answer is quite simple and here is how to find your logo (this is the actual answer that was provided back from the site team):

“To see the logo, a partner must select a location from the “Select Location” drop-down menu.  If you have the “Organization” selected and not a specific location, you won’t see the logo.  This is how the system works; it is not a bug.”

So, when you go into your Membership page, be sure to select a location and then you will see your SBSC logo, assuming you are part of the SBSC Program already.

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Eric Ligman

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Small Business Community Engagement

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