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Farewell, SMLL BIZ. It’s been fun.

Several years ago when I started working on the Small Business pilot back in our Midwest area, someone once asked me, “So, what drives you?”  Shortly after that conversation, the answer to that question was apparent (literally) everywhere I went.  


If you ever attended a live presentation I gave in the Midwest in the past or SMB Nation here in Redmond over the past couple years, you may have noticed the car parked right up front or by the elevator in the parking garage at the Convention Center here in Redmond with the following plates:




Yep, that’s me.  Since starting to work on the Microsoft Small Business Channel Community, “Small Business” and the Microsoft Small Business Channel Community have literally driven me everywhere I go.  Now, the time has come to say, “Goodbye.”


No, not to you…  To the plates.  Yes, the lease on my car expires Friday and with the car, so go the SMLL BIZ plates that have long been a part of the story.  I’ve tried to convince the State of Washington that they should let me keep my Illinois plates even though I’ve been a resident here since 2005; however, they do not agree that “tradition” is sufficient grounds for out of state licensure on the new car.


So, no longer will you see the Illinois “SMLL BIZ” plates flanking the doors at various presentations and conferences.  So, what will you see?  I guess you’ll have to wait and see at SMB Nation this year, or if you’re out here on our campus at my building before then.  🙂


Thank you and have a wonderful day,


Eric Ligman
Microsoft US Senior Manager
Small Business Community Engagement
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