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SmartArt – A VERY cool feature of Microsoft Office 2007

If you are like me (scary proposition, I know…) and spend a lot of time in PowerPoint or giving presentations that have a PowerPoint presentation to them, then you have no doubt seen or built numerous bullet-point lists, boxes with arrows, etc. to help you convey a point or show a process/decision tree.  With Microsoft Office 2007, you are now just one click away from converting that dull bullet-point list to a professional looking graphic or flow process that people will think you spent hours creating!  Plus, it will really help spruce up your presentations as well.


This new feature is called, “SmartArt,” and it is built directly into Microsoft Office 2007.  If you haven’t seen SmartArt yet or if you have Office 2007 and want to learn more about it, check out this page that will walk you through how to create SmartArt, changing colors of SmartArt, animating SmartArt, and much, much more, or view an online demo of using and creating SmartArt.  Also, be sure to check out the PowerPoint 2007 online courses page to access courses to help you get the most from your Microsoft Office 2007!


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