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Yes, the Open License 3 promotion has been extended

So who says the U.S. gets all of the promotions?!  Last year we offered a pilot program in Canada called, “Open License 3” where we lowered the minimum number of licenses to qualify for a new Open Business or Open Value Agreement from 5 to 3.  (Remember, there is a minimum number of licenses, not PCs.)  Lately I have been seeing and hearing questions about whether this promotion is still available in Canada, and the answer is, “Yes, the promotion has been extended until September 30, 2007.”

If you are a Canadian Partner, you can find out more information about this promotion and the extension HERE.

Sorry, U.S. Partners.  The Open License 3 promotion is not available here in the U.S.  See, the U.S. doesn’t always get the offers and promotions that others don’t.

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