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Ok, let’s do this step by step (Collaboration Newsgroup) to find the Site Code.

I’m still receiving a few more questions on how to access the Collaboration Newsgroup, even with the new link.  To help alleviate these, I am posting this (with pictures). 


If you followed the link in my Blog post regarding the new Collaboration Managed Newsgroup, there is now a page you land on (pictured below) that tells you how to access the group.  You must first log on as a Partner to gain access to the page below.


Collaboration Newsgroup 


You will notice the red circle towards the bottom right side of the picture (click the picture for full-size).  This is where the code is located.  As noted above, you need to log in as a Partner first to see the page above, this is why I have blocked out the actual code in the picture, so it’s not posted for all non-Partners to see.


I hope this helps.


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