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Make sure you are aware of the important activation changes in Microsoft Windows Vista

The significant anti-piracy technologies built into Windows Vista software are designed to make the widespread pirating of Windows Vista more difficult. Now, all customers who deploy Windows Vista must successfully activate it using a genuine product key. If a non-genuine product key is used in activation, customers will lose certain features and experience reduced functionality.


What do we mean by “Reduced PC Functionality?”  Take a look:


When a non-genuine version of Windows Vista installed on a PC is detected, the Software Protection Platform will disable key features of Windows Vista, including the desktop, Start menu, and task bar. Windows Vista functionality will be restricted to the default Web browser for one-hour periods.


Here are some additional resources for you regarding these changes:


View the video and learn the importance of providing genuine Windows Vista to your customers.

Download these documents for further information about genuine Windows Vista and the Software Protection Program.


·         Genuine Windows Vista Flyer

·         Genuine Windows Vista Poster

·         Genuine Windows Vista Presentation

·         Quick Reference Guide

·         Reduced Functionality Flyer


Also, speaking of non-genuine software, the BSA (Business Software Alliance) is offering a reward of up to $200,000 for qualifying reports of software piracy.  Be sure to check out their website for more details on their reward offer.


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